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Date: September 26, 2022

11 thoughts on “Newlisa2018 on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. Thanks, I just overthink a lot and needed someone else's opinion cause mines gets kinda bitter sweet after a while

  2. Are you under the impression that predators are wild beasts? Predators come in all types, but the most successful, prolific predators are the charming ones.

    See; Ted Bundy.

    Your outlook is innocent, but harmful. To you. He is a predator, regardless of how charming he is. You are not to blame for being fooled by him.

  3. You have to say something….but when you do make sure he's locked up Save her… Although she will hate you

  4. My husband doesn’t watch porn at all. I actually watch it on occasion, much more than he ever did/does. Even when he was a teen, it just didn’t do much for him. He’s demisexual, meaning he has to have a strong emotional connection to be intimate. I made the best decision when I got with him. He’s amazing in bed, and he CRAVES ME. That’s how it should be with your partner. Period. If you don’t feel wanted, then it ain’t right.

  5. I don’t make friends well. I’m objectively smart, I have hobbies, I like to have fun. And the people I am friends with are lifelong. I can talk to strangers. But there’s this whole bit in the middle I just never do well at. The bit where people find there cliques. I’m too old to worry about it now but when I was younger I’d find it really difficult because I sort of fit in everywhere and nowhere. I’d connect but not enough kind of thing. But what the result is I have really good friends that we got past that bit and I feel very lucky, and i have to recognise it’s down to that filter other people don’t seem to encounter.

    Maybe your partner just doesn’t connect well. He talks about interests but doesn’t relate that well. He’s not disliked, but not liked. How much effort does he put in with others as well? Does he arrange things one on one with people when discovering similar interests. Does he try to connect, send jokes to the groups, or make that personal push?

  6. you sound like an awesome person to be in a relationship with, jim sounds like an ignorant asshole. I feel like there are other guys out there who would be better boyfriends more fiting for you.

  7. This takes time, feelings don’t go away overnight. You are doing the right things. Keep busy, try some new hobbies, and limit your contact with her as best you can.

  8. Dude, you should really consider some form of self-consciousness-building or even therapy. This controlling and excluding behaviour is not normal.

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