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Date: September 24, 2022

8 thoughts on “NatySpiice

  1. It’s a positive that you didn’t have a one night stand. But please don’t tell your husband. There are enough questionable decisions on your part that will haunt him and your marriage for a very long time. In my 35 years of conferences that end up in hotel bars, when someone stays alone for “one last drink“ the same thought bubble arises for everyone departing for the night: she’s hoping to get lucky. Now this may not have been your intention—but if your husband is half as naive as you, that will be a focus of wrath for him. And then play out what happened from there, it is no large leap for him to conclude that you intended to cheat all that evening & you simply chickened out at the last minute. So, I would advise only speaking with a counselor about this because you had a close call that was not an accident.

  2. Is there a history of cheating? On either part? Or there other instances in your life where his insecurities become an issue you have to deal with?

  3. He thinks tasks should be done when needed , and not follow a schedule. The problem is he doesnt think the house is disorganized, he also doesnt think its dirty. So it will just become dirty and unorganized. Unless i point it out. However this is so weird to me because he has ocd and germophobia, but he is disorganized and not used to cleaning a house at all because his mom used to do that. Its so strange because when we lived separate, i lived alone and my house was ok, but not super clean or organized and his was. Now i know his room was clean because of his mom, because now he is messy, it was the mom despite he always assuring me he is the one who kept his room clean. So we both moved in with the expectation that i am the messy one and that he is the clean freak. Turns out he is the messy one and he doesn’t clean, even though he is the one with the ocd and germophobia. We have been dating 5 years, and just now getting to know this man.

  4. I don't think this is a big deal at all. Guys LOVE it when a girl they like expresses their love like that. I wouldn't make it a bigger deal by talking about it. Just move on with your relationship and I'm sure he'll say it back to you soon enough

  5. Ok some men are into being called Mr blah blah, or sir ect but the picture of you ? creepy

    The whole keeping it a secret thing is abit wierd if he asked you to move in?? How does no one know Where you live?

    Don't understanding why it would need to be a secret you graduated 5 years ago and only reconnected recently.

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