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10 thoughts on “NataliNylonlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I don’t think you should chase her but If she confesses to you and you’re still interested in her I don’t think it would be stupid to date her.

  2. Yea I definitely think he was a little self conscious and nervous about what I would say. Thanks for the advice. Going to call him tomorrow and tell him how I feel and move on past it!

  3. OP I would say go for it, spending time together long-distance is hot, and games are one of the few activities you can do together besides video calls or watching a show. If the cost is too high for you to justify it (it's not expensive) maybe ask him to pay for your copy?

    Minecraft is not a game that requires skill really, it's like lego but in a video game. You don't need to be good at games to enjoy it, for many kids 10 years ago it was their first video game. You can even play on peaceful mode where nothing is trying to kill you or anything, or creative mode where you can fly and have infinite resources.

    I think it's perfectly fair if you just really don't want to do it, but it's a pretty easy way to show your SO that you're willing to try out their interests, it's cheap and doesn't require that you actually physically go anywhere.

  4. Forgiving them must have been not only difficult, but absolutely the best thing for your mentaal and emotional health. You should be very proud in how you dealt with the aftermath. That includes keeping these people out of your life.

    Quite frankly they’re poison and you only have a finite time on Earth, so why deal with POS like this.

    You did great OP. Keep enjoying your life with better people.

  5. Am I [26M] being reasonable for not been ok with my gf [24F] and her male friend [24M] relationship

    “It depends”. You can accept it – even not be bothered by it … or not accept it at all.

    Key thing is in relationship, you and partner have and set boundaries – for yourself, and the other, and agree – or at least reasonably/approximately agree, on what those boundaries are. They don't have to be symmetrical, but they need be reasonably fair, and well agreed upon. There isn't a “one size fits all” here.

    big fight

    Well, that's generally a problem, or indicative of a problem … like not discussing and agreeing upon those boundaries quite early on – like before it becomes an issue or disagreement. If you discuss it early on, and find y'all significantly don't agree, and can't reconcile your positions – easy peasy, don't become a “couple” – accept your incompatibilities and go your separate ways. Where things get messed up is where you're very much a couple, don't have those discussions, then months/years later find out y'all fundamentally and seriously disagree, and can't accept those difference. Or … quite “agreed” … and someone went well outside of what was agreed to.

    Guys, what’s going on here?

    You're driving a wedge between she and her friend. Also sounds like you're at least partially jealous. Yeah, those are quick ways to destroy/end your relationship.

    You don't trust her.

    You might as well just up and walk away. All the rest is just details.

    You drive wedge between partner and someone/something else they much cares about, like, loves, you're basically sabotaging your relationship with your partner – and you should probably just get the heck out of the relationship. If you think what they're doing / not doing, or might be doing with someone else or whatever might not be okay with you, those are the conversations you should have much earlier – and agree upon – so you don't find yourself in these messes. And you better well know where you stand too and your own boundaries and what you'll honor. What if your mom got cancer, and you were spending more time and attention with her than your partner. What if your partner doesn't accept that at all? Are you okay with that? Would you give up that time with your mom, or dump your partner? Well, better well figure out the answers to those tough questions and have those conversations … if you two can't reasonably agree, might as well split up – otherwise it's likely to be a bone of contention – if not now, in future – and possibly repeatedly, and maybe even more severely.

    My gf is way to much emotionally invested with her make best friend

    So says you. Sure, you feel how you feel, but what kind of interaction is/isn't “okay”, and what constitutes “too much” – that's generally pretty subjective – that's why y'all (any couple!) should well have those conversations and reasonably agree – long before it becomes a contentious matter – and if y'all can't agree, really shouldn't become a couple – as it's likely to come up sooner or later.

  6. I may get hate for this from some, however…

    Your graduation is a huge achievement, the culmination of many years of very hot work, long hours and potentially even blood, sweat and tears.

    A wedding, whilst a fun party for those involved, isn't actually an achievement. People get married all the time, and half of them get divorced. You don't even need a wedding to have a marriage.

    So I actually think it's pretty darn weird that rather than celebrate your actual achievement, your family not only would rather enjoy your brother's party, but also want you to forego celebrating your achievement to go to your brother's party.

    Go to your graduation and cross that stage with huge amounts of pride. You've earned it.

  7. I think the easiest explanation might be the case, your husband has an office girlfriend and doesn't want her to find out he's married and cut him off. Who was the co-worker he made dinner plans with, a guy or a woman?

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