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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Only you can really answer that question, even if it really isn't one. We can't decide what you should or should not put up with. I think most here would say break up, but that's usually the general consensus here anyway.

    The better question, why on earth would you want to move to the US?

  2. Go to the doctors to get a blood test with her. Ensure you're also allowed to hear the results.

    It could be a trap. She could be second guessing the divorce.

    If it's not a trap, do not stay. Many children of parents in unhappy marriages (myself included) will tell you they pick up on this stuff very early on and it takes a toll on everyone. No matter if you argue away from them, shield them from the unpleasant reality, kids will feel the tension and resentment.

    You will be a role model for the child. They will think that your unhappy marriage is normal or what's expected. That it's okay to put up with shit just because you're married or love/care for someone.

    Regardless, if both of you move forward with the pregnancy, also consider a paternity test.

    Also, kids don't fix anything. You'll be two sleep deprived adults who already have unresolved issues with each other. Throwing in a tiny human that needs 24/7 care would fix that? She's delusional. You think you'll have more freedom and chances to see your friends and family with kids? Nope. This is likely what she wants too.

  3. If your don't get out of this, you'll never escape the endless cycle of being in an on-off-relationship with her

  4. I would talk to your mom, not your dad first. Her reaction would tell you the most. Think, before you react you don't have to do anything with the information until you feel ready.

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  6. Literally i don't know how you type that out so confidently. Sister was interested in him, that's what dates signify. Her not fucking him on the first date doesn't make it any less valid. In op's mind sex=mine/taken. Such a screwed up way of thinking.

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