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  1. Both families will want their religious views primary. There is no compromise.

    This problem is very common and the results incompatible. There is no surprise here.

    So what are you implying?

  2. Why are you thinking of staying? What are you exactly getting out of staying married to him? He doesn't seem to take care of the kids, or the house, or anything else?

  3. My girlfriend doesn't know and I had to lie to her multiple times.

    That is “great lengths”. Lying multiple times is a big fucking deal.

  4. I don’t think Reddit is the place to ask anybody advice. Most of the people here have no idea what they’re talking about and they’re willing to impose that on you, with no consequences on their end.

    Talk to friends, talk to family. A therapist, even.

  5. I would definitely encourage him to seek help so it doesn’t get worse. In the meantime tell him you will do your best to not watch stuff with him containing cheating. It’s just in the last 50 years that cheating has become so stigmatized. It was fairly common for men in the business world to have a mistress.

  6. Bro…you say “wow…that’s upsetting to hear” and act like an adult who understands that people can change.

    Are you living in a Disney movie?

  7. It's absolutely valid to not date in that case.

    It's a recipe for disaster to wait for such an important part of a relationship until you're legally bound by marriage. It's similar to only moving in with each other after marriage. In such a case you will find out if you're compatible or not after the wedding, meaning it might end in a terrible marriage or quick divorce. That's not really appealing.

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