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ig …namms15/after party with you guys

Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Had a similar thing happen to me a couple years ago… I had him blocked on everything and he put a profile pic that was obviously in reference to me… like he was baiting me to contact him. The thing is, my friends understood the reference and I got texts about it and it just kind of messed me up a bit because I had to look. It just made the healing process harder for me.

    Either way, don't break no contact… just take screenshots of the bad texts if you need a memory scroll and block him on whatsapp too.

  2. He sounds incredibly jealous and insecure. I hope you haven't been putting up with that from the beginning of your relationship.

  3. I've been very careful trust me I'm just trying to keep things relatively normal for the kids

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