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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. Long term storage of smaller items like jewelry pieces, etc. I come from a humid climate, so I was raised to save these.

  2. Not feeling it is good enough grounds for a breakup.

    Attempted rape is more than good and should be reported.

  3. I get what you mean, but most of the time he's fine. It's usually pointless lies like a story or something and he was a lot worse when I met him (which was in 2020 so he was the awkward age of 15 mind you) but I don't know.

  4. What is he, not you, HIM, doing to get better on his insecurities?

    Open phone policies isn’t working on them, it’s enabling them.

  5. I come from a long line of alcoholics and addicts. They need blunt, plain speech. Don't sugar coat. Your response is full of excuses and rationalizations. She's likely at a point where she should never drink again.

  6. She is just being malicious and cruel. She has forgotten that a member of her family has been gone for a long time and is now returning. This is a cause for celebration. Ops father will be unlikely to forget his treatment and guess what, he's not that old, he's gonna be grandpa for awhile. And her first move is to alienate, shame, and insult him…

  7. That doesn't make 10% of accusations being proven false a massive rarity. It makes it a comparative rarity, at best. There are 463,634 rapes or sexual assaults in the US per year, based on our best estimations. It is also estimated that only 1/3rd of assaults are reported, so that brings us to 154,544 accusations. Add in 10%, and that means that a verifiably false accusation happens 7,727 per year, or about 1 every hour. I wouldn't call something that happens every hour a massive rarity.

  8. No. Separate your finances. You aren’t married and he’s already trying to control you financially. At best I’d agree to a joint account for household purposes only. Or separate entirely and decide who pays how much each month out of your individual accounts. This way your money can be spent at your discretion without having to explain to anyone what your spending your money on. Just because he makes slightly more than you doesn’t mean he gets to decide if and when you can spend your money.

  9. He’s lying about having someone else in mind. Get STD tested and find an attorney. He won’t let this go and he’ll just fuck around behind your back. He’s probably doing so already. I don’t understand why women stay with men like this. He’s told you who he is and he’s told you what he thinks of you and your marriage. Why would you want to be with a man who wants to spend time, money, energy and intimacy on other women?

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