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  1. It might not be possible. Telling other people their business (sexual or not) is a deal breaker for a lot of people.

  2. This isn’t the problem at all. The gf got mad at him for not disclosing a fling during the break but she then did the exact same thing.

    I agree that getting mad about things that happen on a break are silly but that double standard is the big problem.

    Do I think it’s worth breaking up over? I don’t know. I had a partner that did something similar many times and it caused us to eventually break up as I was always in the wrong and she was always the victim. It gets exhausting. If this was a one time thing maybe it’s worth discussing why she felt it was Okay to hide this from you even after she dumped you for the same thing. If it’s happened several times before it’s part of who she is and I think you know what to do.

  3. My ex-husband (divorced for 7 years) recently passed. He was the father of my kids. We had a very similar relationship to the one you explained. I stayed in bed for a week and cried. Outwardly, I was more upset than my kids. Everything that reminded me of him made me cry. I was living with a man I had been with for almost 5 years ( who I was madly in love with) and I still was torn up.

    I wasn't in love with my ex, nor did I want to be with him. But this was a person I did once love, a person my kids loved. He was still an important part of our life, even if it was frustrating sometimes. It's easy to “hate” someone while they're alive, and experience instant sadness and regret when they pass.

    So I understand your husband's feelings. The best thing you can do is acknowledge that it is ok for him to be sad, upset, to cry, and give him a safe place to express his feelings. It will get easier as time passes, but it's crucial for your relationship to be understanding in this moment.

    Hope this helps.

  4. (Again copied this from my other reply and posting it here to help clarify)

    Would you consider a boundary of “I don’t want you sucking someone else off while we are together or else we are breaking up” controlling? Or is that ok? Because it’s the same exact thing as saying “I don’t want you smoking weed while we are together or else we are breaking up”. If you say “no that’s different op should be allowed to smoke weed in another country if her BF isn’t there” would you also argue that op should be allowed to “suck another guy off in another country if her BF isn’t there”?

  5. Hi there!

    It seems like she has problems taking accountability for her actions during these episodes and being incapable of communicating her feelings to help you navigate her behaviours. What is it that you do message her during these moments? How long do they usually last for? I would assume that is stuck in a pattern of these behaviours and needs to identify what is causing her to feel this way. It’s difficult to navigate long distance issues like this because these feelings usually come from feeling insecure or lonely. Maybe just reassure her during those moments that you’re here for her if she needs someone to vent to and that you’ll try as much as possible to comfort her and understand. It’s then on her to either accept your reassurance or push you away. It is not your fault nor is it your responsibility to bear her emotional burden for her

  6. Appreciate the post. She’s absolutely amazing, kind, and loyal. However she’s extremely obsessed with people she’s loves. She’s been with him for a year and a half and I assume why those pictures are still there. But she claims she’s over him and I agree. But whyyyyyu keeepppp themmmm?! The logic just doesn’t make sense. Also we are early twenties, and have been together for a year.

    We already bought a apartment together so this is why I want to make sure she’s the one. Credit it invested into this lol. Maybe I should of did this before but whatever. I also agree with all your points. I fucked up and snooped but it’s one of those situations where it’s like fuck it I had to know, ya know?

  7. Maybe in your country, but you do know that not everybody lives in the same place, right..?

    Just because YOUR COUNTRY doesn’t have a gender wage gap, doesn’t mean that it suddenly ceased to exist across the world. You are aware of that, right?

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  9. Talk to some of your friends you can stay with for a month or so to save up a deposit. Or look into a womens' shelter.

  10. Your wife is an animal abuser/neglecter and it's somehow your fault? You and the poor animals don't deserve that, she shouldn't be allowed animals until she learns responsibility and stop acting like an 8yo

  11. Those are the types of things I think about “what would he be like as a parent?” If his response to managing stress right now is drinking and smoking weed, what happens when things really get tough? The healthy habits are not there right now, and not compatible for me. Thanks for sharing your story – I hope you've had time to recover and heal from the bad break up. It's so good you caught yourself and was able to find a way out of the darkness. I hope you are well.

  12. Your mother is not holding a grudge she calming spoke to you about her boundary. You have a different boundary and they do not meld. She has done this for her own mental well being not to hold a ‘grudge’ as you put it. Sounds like you underestimated how much this hurt her. You are completely within your rights to set a boundary but your mother is completely within her right to set a boundary.

    Just a shame as the liar and cheater all is ok business as unusual.

  13. If food is a form of pornography, then the chefs are Food Porn stars. If so? Then Chef Gordon Ramsey is an very vocal Kitchen Dom.

  14. I know if I like someone and want to see them again quickly, but I'm absolutely not head over heels, obsessed and planning the rest of our lives together after 2 dates because I don't think that's healthy. I was completely taken back as I didn't even suspect anything. I would like to see how it goes still but I guess this would always be in the back of my mind.

  15. It's not just about the drinking though. OP says he's off partying and having fun when she's just not feeling up to it. She's allowed to feel a bit aggrieved that the whole unexpected pregnancy thing has impacted her life greatly while he gets to online the same life. I just hope he's prepared to give this up and be a hands on dad.

  16. She cheated with her boss. She is probably in the “affair fog” it is real. Go to surviving It helped me with a cheating wife

  17. This sounds terrible.

    That said, you do have a 3 year old. Before you leave (which might be your best option), you might look into some of the work that Bill Eddy has done on interacting with people who have high conflict personalities. He has some strategies that can really help.

  18. I’m not being beat or r**d so do I really have it that bad?

    Are you serious? That’s your threshold for “having it bad”? Your wife got pregnant without so much as telling you. I’d say that’s “having it bad.”

  19. Her feelings NOT valid. Three weeks, and she thinks she gets a say? Are you even official yet? On top of that, who the fuck does she think she is to tell you to withhold a dog from their co-owner. Ask yourself this: If it were a kid instead of a dog, would you put up with it? And before anyone comes at me with the 'dogs don't equal kids' crap…no, they aren't…kids are able to take care of themselves to a certain extent in time while dogs never do, and that's as a mom of 2 with 2 dogs, too…dogs are like toddlers…cats are moody teens…lol…

    Anyways, back to the point; she is already being possessive of you and trying to dictate what you do with your life and your things. Are you really willing to put up with that? Because this is a huge red flag for 3 weeks into the relationship…hell, I didn't ask my hubs to cut off one of his exes until after we'd been together for something like 6yrs, and that was an entirely different, much more serious, reason than 'I don't like it.' Think about this relationship very carefully.

  20. Support is different than getting him help. Only he can do that. All the support in the world won’t do anything if he doesn’t want to help himself.

  21. I doubt it was an accident. He sent him that text because he wanted him to know. He knew how your son would react. And this way, your relationship could come out of the shadows and you would no longer have to sneak around. Do you think it's a coincidence that he immediately proposed as soon as your son was out of the picture and you didn't have to worry about him finding out? No. Max sent that text to your son on purpose.

    And all it cost to have your relationship be out in the open was a broken nose and black eye, since you clearly don't give one single fuck about your son.

  22. Yes I wanted to cut the obsessive thoughts so I had therapy every week for 2-3 months and at one point I got lexapro to get over the anxiety issues. But nothing really helped tho.

  23. What you should do is research the topic extensively and find unbiased sources and come to your own conclusion.

  24. So him paying for it, yep ?.

    But why do you want him to watch you piss on a stick.

    Now if the purpose (or one of) is to punish him for being an arsehole and causing this in the first place, then also yep?

    But otherwise why?

  25. Again, you're assuming. And that's a fucking dumb assumption considering she said she found it exciting and wanted to get on the scene that night. Lol. Doesn't sound very hesitant or completely monogamous to me.

  26. You don't need to worry about that. Debt isn't inherited when the debtor dies (unless they're spouses of course) so the worst thing that you and your partner would be facing regarding her debt is that her creditors will recoup their losses as much as possible through her estate by way of any assets she has.

    I hope that helps you not stress needlessly anymore. ?

    p.s. congrats on the future wedding!

  27. At the library, I saw her drawing the Demon Days album cover, and I love both Gorillaz and drawing

    There's your ice breaker right there

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