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  1. Unless you want to be playing second fiddle to her boyfriend, I would suggest asking directly. And a reminder, if she's willing to cheat on her current boyfriend with you, that can be an indication that she won't have any issue cheating on you in the future. Either way, you should break up with your girlfriend if you're unhappy and considering a relationship with someone else.

  2. I had a tubal at 22 with no kids almost 20 years ago, the first doctor I asked approved it. R/Childfree has a list of sterilization friendly doctors. A salpingectomy is actually better than a tubal.

  3. What if she burns the bridge with her parents and loses their support and you don’t end up proposing? If you plan on doing it in a few months what is the difference if marriage is something you both want?

    Unless it is for tax reasons or debt I don’t understand people who want to live together and do wife/husband things like setting up a home without being married. I get that it works for a lot of people but you are asking her to burn an important bridge without the piece of paper that would protect her. I have seen these types of arrangements or uncommitted commitments turn messy(especially for 1 of the people) in the long term if they don’t work out.

    If that is a deal breaker to you then let her go and go on your way.

  4. He is matching clothes with her, constantly going out with her, sharing all his problems with her and even took her to the picnic because he didn't want to get bored or left out since he's not very close friends with the other phd students. She is constantly there in his life which is frightening that some other woman has so much influence in his life.

  5. If she's hellbent on moving and that's just never going to be an option for you this is a waste of both your time. People have to do what's best for their individual situations and if those goals don't match then you and she aren't a match.

  6. Its time for a real world discussion. make the time for both of you to sit and get the whole issue out in the open. If she is unwilling to discuss this than ask her to go to couples counseling with you.

    Again if this is not addressed, than you can serve her with separation papers when she is work and see if she understands just how this effects the two of you in a negative way. This issue will only drive a wedge between you both unless she is willing to start communication with you. Find out what the line is for this to happen

  7. You’re not even that big. Maybe close to the line between healthy weight and overweight. None of us keep our 20 year old bodies. Husband just sounds like a prick.

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