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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Mine does. When I have him he asks me why I cook every night and why do I vacuum and mop during the week instead of just doing it on the weekends like his mom. The other one a little bit older will outright say mom doesn't cook because she's lazy.

  2. She’s not a friend. I had one of those type of “friends”’in my life. Every guy who showed interest in me, she threw herself at. She even found a guy on a night out that we had left an hour before. I didn’t care as I wasn’t looking for anything romantic at that point in my life but I don’t think she realised that we misled her on how rich some of these guys were.

  3. Sounds like you won. In life, there are a lot more losses. I say enjoy the win. Sounds like life is great. Don't rock the boat.

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