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Making my pussy tingle with my hitachi on HIGH [Multi Goal]

Date: September 27, 2022

8 thoughts on “Mollywhite on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Ew. Seriously?!! Even after death, he gets no rest from you. And re read my comment for subtext – sheesh you are as cognitively dense as you are devoid of love.

  2. You are not doomed, but you are extremely lucky. Down the road, none of your friends are going to be around her because of her mouth. Your gf has no filters, but has done you a huge favor. Take the breakup as an awesome Christmas gift and leave.

  3. >he doesn’t think other couples ask that of each other.

    Because its no brainer. How is this even a debate? my goodness…

  4. You're not the first couple that wants to get it on but can't. So it's a question of looking at other options. Do either of you have a car? Can you drive up to the modern equivalent of “inspiration point” for some nookie?

    At the same time, if either set of parents don't have a problem with it, go do your thing. Tough at your place but if her parents are that chilled then there's no shortage of quiet places for you both to do your thing.

    If you've got the money etc… then a weekend away, go camping, get a motel etc… Something cheap where you can get some privacy.

  5. You leave.

    You tell her that she is crazy.

    Then you make sure that all your friends and her family (if you know any) know exactly why you broke up.

  6. I am not bothered about him being social awkward, but I tend to despise him when I give him constructive feedback and he is defensive and doesn’t see any issue…

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