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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. She said you can text her if you want to talk… I would simply text her to say thank you for lifting you up. Doesn't need to be that complicate in your head. If you two entertain a correspondence you'll hopefully get the hint where her intentions are.

  2. Talk to hubby and decide on a mutual/joint course of action. At the very least your neighbors have probably discussed this long before this incident.

  3. Uhhhh, is he doing drugs in there???? Like wtf, there’s only so much body to wash, no way it takes 3 and a half hours. Unless maybe he’s a giant? Is he actually 500 feet tall and that’s why it takes so long?

  4. THIS sounds like a healthy relationship and I'm happy for you two. When you love someone enough, you are willing to do whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable and secure. It's important to accommodate for the fact that your partner is a human being and their emotions may not always be the same through the decades. I'm happy to see an older couple who has a healthy dynamic like this, because from my experience older men ESPECIALLY have problems accepting boundaries regarding porn.

  5. depends what you’re looking for too i think??

    if you are trying to peruse something more serious with them… then you need to talk to them about it / and how you want to feel comfortable coming to them with more serious stuff. and what you need for that to happen.

    seems like you are ready for next steps of the relationship but this person is not. i don’t think you’re really overthinking it, you’re just trying to think of how to bring it up to them.

  6. Wow, being bi isn't being crazy. Your reaction feels homophobic and This is not the right post to b homophobic

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