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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. This! Your not the one that should be apologizing. SHE crossed a line that is not acceptable drunk or sober. If she tries to tell you you embarrassed her you need to make clear she embarrassed herself. It was even another house guest that brought your attention to her outrageous behavior

  2. He might be more like your mom than you realize. Dump him. He wasn’t even like omg I forgot I’ll go get them. He literally couldn’t even be bothered.

  3. Bro, there aren’t microplastics in glitter makeup. Glitter exists that isn’t made of plastic. If you care so much do your research first before dumping on someone. She wears it because she likes it and it makes her feel good. It’s crazy you’re so hyper focused on this and so wrong at the same time. You’d think someone who is so obsessed with something like this would actually have the research and knowledge to back it up.

  4. I totally understand! I’ve been in the same position. My ex wanted me to stay home while I was in nursing school, he wanted me to have all his kids and stay at home even tho I was in school working on a amazing degree. I had to decide if I wanted to be with someone that didn’t support my goals, wanted things I didn’t want, even tho I had so much love for him. It was so hot but I left him, I needed someone that didn’t want me to be a 1950s woman , someone that had goals and supported my goals, loved my passion for helping others but also support me during school. I found that guy! And we have a baby boy, and yes nursing school is taking a little longer since I got pregnant and left for a little. But I’m going back, with the support of my fiancé, I have it all. And you can too 🙂

  5. I would handle each person individually. People can learn and grow, so while she may be more likely to end up in a toxic relationship, she’s not destined to.

    If you see signs of toxicity or issues, deal with them quickly.

  6. I seriously don't know what to consider right now… she got tons of green flags but on the other side she goes into full cold hearted demon mode while fighting with me

  7. Maybe look for something called “Fresubin” from Fresenius.

    It's a dietetic product for patients who can't get the nutritional input they need.

  8. Either wifey is a lemming and so naive thinking it’s a good idea to get hot in front of a friend, or is more nefarious. Dunno which is worse.

  9. yeah he mentions it often that he wants physical intimacy more. i just feel so strange like if im only good for that but we do have years together

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