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  1. I’m going against the grain. While you aren’t all roses. Your GF just sounds problematic. Like every friend hates her and she feels they don’t put in effort. Did she try to talk to them? She knows your travelling to another city to see friends. If she doesn’t like them, why go with you? You’re allowed a life outside of her. Does it sound like you always chose others over her, yea a bit. But she also has some unreasonable expectations.

  2. I don’t think you or anyone else telling her how fucked up it is is in the wrong. I just read through so many comments telling her off that I thought she might need some reassurance and empathy. Not necessarily because she deserves it, but because she’s human.

  3. Lol he didn't want to pursue her romantically yet he slept with her in the same week and now it becomes complicated so he wants to kick her out by going behind her back. I'd say he showed his true colours too, from the first week on.

  4. Stay out of it and just support your partner. Trust me you don’t want crazy and entitled at your wedding. That’s just asking for drama and trouble. Which is fun to watch or read about but not at yours or loved ones weddings.

  5. I think there's a language barrier because OP also says they have done sexual things, like foreplay, just not sex.

  6. “Boundaries” only work when both parties accept them. If your “boundaries” are a nonstarter for him he's simply going to ignore them. No one is bound by law to accept someone else's limitations if they disagree with them. You and he just aren't a good match in this regard.

  7. Right so, do you want to do something about it? Or just wallow and feel sorry for yourself? I personally would do this:

    Get therapy to work on your insecurities

    Ask her how she feels about your sex life. Not “who made you cum more?” Ask what she likes. Ask if she wants to cum more. Ask details but without comparing to others because that’s irrelevant. She’s with you.

    If an answer to 2 is that yes she does want to cum more, talk to her about how you can achieve that together. Toys, kinks, set the mood, foreplay, whatever.

    If it matters at all, I’m a woman and this is what I would like my partner to do in your situation.

  8. My dude…. My wife's daughter was 18 when we got married and even though her real dad is in her life, she comes to me with issues and just to talk. I always try to help her and be there when she needs me. She now calls me dad as well. Be happy, Lola has decided you are worthy of the title!

  9. This is far from the truth.

    Without knowing the situation I can think if several reasons he would lie.

    May have kept sleeping with your wife for a while or time to time.

    Could have convinced his wife that he didn't sleep with her.

    The same reason your wife gave, gossip or not wanting it to hurt him socially or even professionally.


    Most concerning is your wife's reaction and continued behavior.

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