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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. The girlfriend isn't in my class she goes to a different school than we do. And it would be weird if i just went up to her to ask for her email.

    Our class is small were only 7 ppl.

  2. Self reflection and some hard choices here.

    Job ambition- Do you have a career plan? Or live by day?

    Communications- wkend plans or someone coming should be a must. How would you feel if she plan to go out with her girlfriends without telling you at the last min that you think want to spend that day with her?

    Dog- this is the hardest. Does your parents or siblings /someone is willing to take care of it? If not, it's dog or her.

  3. You may see yourself as a friend to Theresa but Theresa probably doesn't see herself as a friend to you when she expressed that she wants to be more with you. do you have no respect for your GF? what would you say if your GF had a male friend who wanted her all the time. Do you think it is ok for a guy to keep trying to get into her panties? And she still be friends with him?

  4. Sounds like the guard was looking out last for her, do you know what the guard told him because that could change the situation. Example, most security contracts stipulate confidentiality, so if the guard said “No, she lives with her BF in suite 221” that's a violation and actionable.

    Otherwise, it seems like the guards were just keeping her apprised, so that this way if she notices this someone paying her inordinate attention she can be fully informed

  5. M8 I never said he was broke, I just said he’s benefiting from this relationship more than I am. Why would I lie? And the smell is the shit coming out of your mouth

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