Miss_Diamond_ on-line sex chats for YOU!


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Date: October 2, 2022

12 thoughts on “Miss_Diamond_ on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. How about letting a man have control of his own hair, facial hair, and so on without humiliating him and shaming him into doing something he doesn't want to do, all to get what you want. If this was a man doing all this stuff to push an issue with his wife he would be amongst the worst of humans and accused of being controlling and manipulative and would be given advice to divorce him….anyone else see the problem here as not his mustache but her need to control?

  2. She doesn't need to be saved. And she doesn't need the judgment nor the shaming. Particularly not from someone who claims to be her best friend. If OP actually cared, she never would have written the post the way that she did.

    Here's something else to consider. Do any of y'all take kindly to anyone else judging you, trying to tell you how you should live your lives? Because I gotta tell y'all, I don't. If I am not hurting anyone. If I'm not breaking some law. If I'm paying my bills. Then no one better say anything to me about how I choose to live! my life. Coming to someone for consoling, it ain't the same thing as asking someone “to fix” them!

  3. Does she give you the same space?

    She is crazy. It's your living space you are entitled to be there as much as you want.

    If she wants her own space she can rent her own space.

  4. Agree to disagree. From my experience, that’s not the case at all. Of course, men like sex. It’s not mutually exclusive with liking or respecting somebody at all.

    The real issue is people wanting sex and not liking or respecting their prospective partner.

    But that’s not really what’s happening here.

  5. She sounds very unstable. Why even bring up her sexual history to other people? She’s deliberately inviting criticism from people who don’t matter- like that guy at the bar, and clearly she doesn’t react well to someone who disagrees with her.

    I’m not even gonna touch the part where she was pushing you to get into a fight. Even if it was just to “stand up for her” and not get physical, she’s starting drama and dragging you into it. Literally no one but you two need to know about her sexual past. It’s ridiculous. She’s 30.

  6. Yeah and that 10% is very important, genius. I'm willing to bet her husband gets off ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time. My husband gets me off 100% of the time. If he ever got off and rolled over and went to sleep before making sure I did too, he'd wake up real quick with my foot up his ass. But he would never do that, because unlike you, and obviously OPs guy, he actually gives a shit if the TEAM sport we are playing ends in fun for both of us.

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