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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. I’ve used a pillow for years because pregnancy killed my hips. If my husband got rid of it I’d buy enough to cover the bed so he’d have nowhere to sleep just to prove a point. It’s a fucking pillow. She needs to get over it, but I’m the king run do you really want someone who gets that jealous of a pillow?

  2. Has your gf had these dependency issues before you moved in or is that a recent development? Does your gf have friends/hobbies of her own?

  3. This is the most obvious answer or I would even put it more simply, he's probably 'missing social cues' for some reason and therefore is off-putting to people. I have 2 people like this in my life who are middle-aged and are always running into interpersonal problems because of it.

    One is not officially diagnosed, but I would say is probably on the spectrum of Asperger's. Comes across as judgmental, arrogant, asks questions that seem rude, doesn't take people's emotions into accounts on anything, bad timing, you name it. Simply off-putting. I used to actively dislike him until I realized he was not actually arrogant, he just didn't know how they come across. Not that I particularly like him now, but I understand him better.

    The other is a close family member who loves to talk (extreme) and is also very strong-minded about how she likes things or wants to do things, but the problem she can't read social cues from others at all. She literally can't tell if other people are annoyed, bored, angry, anything, unless you really aggressively project those feelings or put them in words. So she might dominate a group conversation for 30 minutes where people are literally silent, staring at their watch, yawning, and have no clue that she needs to stop talking. She gets into conflicts with employers because she doesn't take direction well unless she gets very direct orders. Her history is a long series of broken friendships, all related to this issue.

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