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Date: October 2, 2022

6 thoughts on “MISA-CHAN live webcams for YOU!

  1. You might want to rethink this. He is prioritizing Lizzie over you in this and it's not right. I don't necessarily think it's your place to tell her BF but I certainly wouldn't want mine to be associating with her and would ask for him to cut contact. Lizzie is truly toxic. The fact that your boyfriend is defending her behavior says volumes about how he really feels. Are you sure this is just a platonic friendship? I question why your boyfriend is behaving the way that he is.

  2. Separated is not the same as divorced. I've been separated for almost 4 years… We still talk through that whole time. Just like 2 weeks ago I got a huge apology. He still sends me gifts and tries to fix his mistakes… He's not over me. Dudes rebound. Read about make psychology in a breakup/divorce. He's doing exactly textbook. He separated. He rebounded. He spent some time realizing his mistakes and that he misses her… Now he puts her before you.

    It's his wife. They have a kid. They are a family. He hasn't let her go but won't work to be better for either of you. He needs to be alone just like my husband. He just doesn't want to be in order to do the work he needs to do. This is all you will get from him.

  3. Well, I moved in with my husband a month after meeting him and here we are 12 years later.

    Honestly, everyone is different. How long has it been since he divorced? Have you flat out asked him if he sees this going anywhere?

  4. Then be unflappable. Be kind, but don't take her seriously, or really listen to her, or go out of your way to appease her. You don't have to go nuclear, or block, or get emotional, or get weird. She fucked up, and you are unfazed by it.

    I'm shocked by the number of people in this thread who think OP should bend over backwards to appease her.

  5. I've been in a relationship where the guy would ask for it and say he would make it up to me later. We'll later never came. So now I have a rule. I will give it after I receive.

  6. Just a bit. It just makes me laugh when people act like monogamous people are so oppressed on reddit. I can't find these harassing comments in the original thread but anything suggesting her husband isn't terrible is downvoted, and pretty much every thread about poly is far more anti than pro. It's rather entertaining to watch the vast majority think they're some righteous few. And yeah obnoxious polyvangelists do exist but…

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