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  1. This is an interesting glimpse of how he could possibly parent.

    Someone who projects their insecurities and piles all of the work on to you when frustrated may not be the person you want to be stuck in the trenches of newborn life with.

  2. You need to communicate 1.) what you need/want, and 2.) what’s important to you.

    He’s not a mind reader, and most people I know don’t care about their birthdays at all.

    So…speak up. Or, be upset.

  3. It’s your choice to stay with someone still so hung up on their ex/es but the longer you stay, the more you will lose yourself. Also don’t take this the wrong way but a 25 year old man has no business being with a 20 year old girl. You will understand this concept better a couple years later but the grooming and manipulation is doing more harm than you realize now.

  4. My wife told her friends about my foot fetish. I didn’t know if it was coincidence or not at the time but ever since they were ALWAYS wearing open toed shoes or sandals when they came over whereas in the past they would have their shoes on or have no polish on their toenails.

    No complaints from me, and my wife says she could care less ??‍♂️

  5. No he said she said because she just left a relationship so want ready, so let’s see where things go. That’s not the same as a solid NO. I agree it was his decision to say I’m ok with this or I’m not, but the heart wants what it wants. He waited a bit more. I would say if this was someone you just met it would be different. But they had a solid foundation in their friendship so it’s not as easy to just walk away.

  6. Do the interview and if it's sounds good and is offered take it. If she ready to bail that easy then it's already over don't let her make you make a decision you'll regret

  7. You said that you wanted to make a rule he was only allowed to do things for his own pets tho.

  8. She's super protective of me and this isn't the first time she's decided that she can take care of a situation better than me. It's getting kind of annoying, and I don't appreciate her badmouthing my GF and told her to stop.

    Yeah, that confused me too. All her friends have at minimum an Iphone X, because they take a lot of selfies. So I don't know what this video was even shot on.

    According to my sister's friend, three of the other nine were there too, but my GF doesn't really know them.

  9. I think you could have added “more often” than the general “men leave their wives” statement. You made it sound like a given. Also, I had a gf with an autoimmune disorder and it didn't cause our breakup. So, it's definitely not a given.

  10. You had choices, and you need to come to terms with the fact that everything you did after that blackout night was a choice that you freely made. What you should have done was tell your gf the truth – you got really drunk and have no memory of the night, but now abc is claiming she’s pregnant. That would be you being honest, including her on the situation, and giving her agency to make her own decision about your relationship. And then you tell abc – “if you’re actually pregnant, I will support you and my child, but we are not in a relationship and I’m actually struggling to come to terms with what happened that night, given that I remember nothing.”

    You say your ex wasn’t disposable, but you need to recognize that’s how you treated her and your relationship. You threw her away. You weren’t honest, you didn’t fight for the relationship, and then you got engaged immediately. This is not the 1800s – taking responsibility means caring for your child and supporting your child’s mother, not marrying someone you’ve never even been in a relationship with. It’s actually truly bonkers that you considered doing that.

  11. Leave her alone. You made your choice and the consequence is you lost your daughter and I’m sure everyone sees you as a creep. You can never take back saying that to her and I don’t know how a grown man would ever think that’s okay. I just feel embarrassed because you seem like a child.

  12. Your comments are so out of pocket. Controlling her over a guy who has her number (which she was pressured into giving). Good luck with that. Hopefully your gf gains confidence because when she does I guarantee she won’t see the benefit of dating you any longer

  13. The problem with checking out of family obligations is it creates a rift and distance in the relationship and the relationship with his family. If I don’t buy the gifts and we show up without any, that hurts the kids. If I don’t show up, it looks like we are having insurmountable problems.

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