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Date: September 29, 2022

22 thoughts on “Mili-moon online webcams for YOU!

  1. Anything Americans use to try and cling to cultures and identities they have zero part of is extremely cringey. For example “Irish or “italian” Americans.

  2. Believe I’ve thought about walking out. It’s just I genuinely believed him when he said he will be more mindful and change. But a recent event has been the last straw. And I was hoping to read someone that would say otherwise for my sanity.

  3. ????

    Yeah keep talking coward.

    It was only a life or death situation for the man OP was viciously beating.

    I’m not a psycho and I’m not a vigilant so why would I attack a burglar that’s not being violent?

    A lot of people in these comments are just psychos with violent fantasies.

  4. If you are executor of her portion of the will, surely they can't legally keep you from seeing her? At the very least, you are partly financially responsible for her. Ask that lawyer of yours what they think, and go from there.

  5. Not a single thing in this post indicates anything other than your bf has a friend. You’re displaying a level of irrational jealousy that is frightening.

  6. I think it’s kinda weird that these things are being told to you by “A” that “S” has said… but “S” has never before ever mentioned or acted like he doesn’t want you there? Or did you just not mention that part?

    It makes me think that either “S” hasn’t actually said anything about you not allowed to be there so much and “A” is using it as an excuse…


    “S” said to “A” something like: hey your GF is living here 1/2 of each week… you owe more for rent $ (which would be completely reasonable, since you are a 1/2 time roommate & do use utilities and such).

  7. I think the saying there is nothing to fear but fear itself can sound really dumb but I have found myself in this situation and the fear has never amounted to anything. I don't have many friends either but I had to break myself of the habit of letting people who make me more fearful and anxious just linger in my life.

    Being lonely for a little while can be remedied. Join any after work sports team. You will know no one and might be bad at the sport but I guarantee someone will end up your friend. Everyone at those things is looking for friends and social interaction.

    I don't want you hanging onto pain just to feel something. When the alternative is brighter but maybe a requires a bit of faith. Hope is necessary but it can also drown you.

  8. A marital bed is something I always wanted and envisioned so it is about the bed. We're both busy either working or taking care of our son and there's almost no room for us to have moments to ourselves. Without a shared bed, tere's no chance for any cuddles or conversations or sex because we're never alone, just the two of us. If we went to the same bed and woke up in the same bed, at least on the weekends, maybe we'd talk, cuddle and have sex regularly and feel closer. It just hurts that I'm the only one who feels like something is missing.

  9. nvm i take back the comment i just made after seeing this one dude dump his immature porn rotted ass a vibrator will do you wonders and won’t say stupid shit 24/7

  10. Bro the problem that i don’t know what to talk about i’m not a talker and she’s not too that’s the problem when we first met we talked about our experiences in life about everything happened our families our past our future plans but now it seems like we have nothing to talk about that’s the problem She have a life And i have too and we don’t know about what to talk about

  11. Like I mentioned, I am autistic, and I don't do well with having lots of people talking to me, especially in loud places. I try to deal with it, but as I said, it's not that they're mean to me when I am there, but more that I often don't get to go for the aforementioned reasons, and no one is ever interested in doing things I want to/can do. When I can join in, I can either go somewhere I don't like and not be able to talk to many people, or I can not go.

  12. “Sorry, it’s not working out, I expect more in a bf. I expect someone who won’t endanger me by driving drunk, treat me with respect, and not be a jerk to my friends. Good bye.”

  13. Many guys have many partners, can I use this against them when it comes to a possible relationship??? Yes, yes I can.

    So do what you want, but don’t be a hypocrite.

  14. Even if they don't separate, he does not control her. It sucks, but that's why we have to choose partners wisely.

    His comments on here are extremely concerning. He's talking about what he will and won't let his wife do. That is not his right. He can choose not to be with a woman who would do XYZ, he can talk to his lawyer about adding XYZ to the custody agreement, but he doesn't get to prevent his wife from doing anything.

  15. You don’t need this especially because you are taking on a medical journey I would definitely suggest time apart because of the lying. The porn is easily forgivable, but the lying is much harder too.

  16. That comment would make me end it. Threatening “possibilities” is abusive. Be glad he showed his true colors just one month in.

  17. stop listening to Reddit, divorce him or ask him to change. just stop, this are mostly keyboard warriors and first solution that Reddit wants do do is scream divorce.

    For what you described you guys had a wonderfully relationship.

    Communication is what you really need.

    Look, you changed, he didn't

    He is felling pressure, even if you don't want him to change, you want to keep changing, and he might think that he need to change or he will lose you and he doesn't want to change or he might want to have more time with you.

    you didn't outgrow him, his life style doesn't look unhealthy, it's just different, you guys might have grow apart, it doesn't mean that you are superior or he is, and you might just need to reevaluate your relationship dynamic, this might mean divorce, but it looks like you love him and he loves you, and this is worthy fighting.

    one way or another, talk to him tell him how important this conversation are to this relationship, looks like you guys have a little extra budget, demand that both go to therapy, not a couples therapy, single therapy, each with they own therapist, so you can decided how you want to proceed. maybe after that couple therapy. but always first individual therapy for both.

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