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  2. Thank you for the insight. She doesn't seem depressed, she's been laughing, joking, going out with us, playing games and seems her normal self. But I know people can be good at hiding it so I will bear that in mind.

    I didn't realise I was being passive aggressive but I'll stop making hints.

  3. ya “i want to kiss you” is really passionate and nude… I get what your saying, but you should be able to read the room and know if a woman would be receptive or not. The “i want to kiss you, is that ok” tends to lead to those guys being the same type to ask after sex “was that good for you?” or “Whats wrong” all the time. We all know what happens to them in the long run. Just sounds like this girl has issues she needs to deal with before being with a guy.

  4. Reading the Title I thought she’d be too far gone but as that isn’t the case, get out now and make it abundantly clear you don’t wish to stay with her. Sticking it out for an unborn child is only going to make your own misery worse, and the kid is going to be born into a loveless family. Run.

  5. You may need to find another place to work just to get away from this. It's obvious that you're easily manipulated and can't really fend for yourself in the face of people like this. Your best bet for recovery is to get completely away from the situation (because obviously this guy is going to do as he pleases regardless of your requests).

  6. You’re traumatized from being cheated on but now you’re cheating on your partner. Break it off with your bf now. You’re already cheating emotionally and physically. Don’t be a damn hypocrite. He doesn’t sound great anyways. He’s airing dirty laundry with others but not talking about it with you. That’s a red flag. He doesn’t trust you.

    About things in common: things in common are great but they’re not a foundation to build a relationship on. I’ve been married 25 years. We don’t like the same music. We don’t have the same hobbies/interests. We don’t like the same tv/movies. Our sex drives are different. Our styles are different. Our careers couldn’t be more different. Our senses of humor are different. Our relationships with our families are very different. She likes to go out. I don’t. We don’t even like the same food.

    …none of that matters though because we love, trust, and respect each other deeply and have similar values. We’re faithful. We want the best for each other. That’s an unshakeable foundation. It’s priceless. We can build anything we want on top of it. If it falls down or doesn’t suit us anymore we can rebuild because the slab doesn’t crack. We’re a committed team of two independent people living their own lives and being true to ourselves.

    Here’s the thing though, the new guy is no good either. He pursued and kissed a woman who was in a committed relationship. That’s a giant red flag. That’s an asshole move. He doesn’t respect your relationship with current bf and he won’t respect a relationship with you if you go that route. He’s played his hand and it’s a losing hand.

    First off you need to become someone deserving of respect and trust, then you need to find someone else deserving of respect and trust.

  7. Yes, controlling. You just admitted being insecure. That does not give you a hall pass to control his behaviour. I can’t help but suspect there’s more going on to make you feel insecure than just the nickname issue.

  8. Are you talking about the chemical changes that happen after labour that make your forget the trauma? It's very much a thing. Our parts aren't necessarily the correct size for childbirth, generally speaking. Our kids have BIG, rounded heads, and evolution needs more time to catch up with that.

    Also, great job on the random sexism, which was unnecessary. It also tells me that your aren't posting in good faith. I'm not even a dude, btw.

    IMO, a baby is always a “two yes one no” situation, regardless of which party wants what. Anything other than a mutual agreement or a true accident in those situations would be reproductive coercion. Reproductive coercion is a horrible and nasty thing to do to both the other person, and the child.

  9. Dude. No. You read somewhere that risks DOUBLE at 35 for pregnancy and you're running with it. This is such fearmongering.

    The risks go from (I'm not looking it up again, these aren't exact numbers) 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 5,000.

    Fertility doesn't actually go down drastically at 35, either. I got pregnant twice over this summer, at 35. Once accidentally due to covid messing my cycle and I miscarried. And then immediately after the miscarriage, my eggo was preggo again. And now I'm 36, 30 weeks along with a healthy fetus, healthy body, everything going well.

    AMA pregnancy just means extra monitoring, extra testing. He's a doctor, she'll be getting quality care. Most AMA pregnancies are fine. Risks go up every year and they go up drastically but even at 45, the risk of Down Syndrome for instance is something like 1 in 150.

  10. This is how I feel as well. I would HATE having a Gatsby-themed party and would quite possibly resent a partner who wanted to drag me into it. But it really does come down to whether they make a habit of accommodating each other, or does one of them regularly bulldoze the other.

  11. He has to be willing to work with a therapist to get over his insecurities. Is he doing that? It can't be just you walking on eggshells. When a person enters into a relationship the onus is on them to be in a healthy headspace so that they can be a good partner. He did not do that.

  12. Hearsay evidence isn't evidence. Sister means well, but she is misinformed. Time will tell if there is any truth to the hearsay information because it will repeat itself. In the meantime you, if your intention is to have a committed relationship with GF, slow everything down and be observant. Not suspicious. Observant. Make no comment about slowing things down. IMO you will know whether or not there is any truth to sister's tale. Relax. Enjoy being with GF.

  13. Yeah these kinda people should be avoided when you’re out there in the dating world. Drop that bitch like a bad habit and move on with your life.

  14. If you need to have your feelings validated and actualized, tell her.

    If you want these people to stay in your life, don't say a fucking word.

    I would look into the concept of limerance and whether that may be a situation in play – infatuation, not love, basically. If you like the way things are now, swallow your feelings, digest them, and know that there is nothing to be gained of sharing them.

    Alternatively, if you are in such a rock and hot place scenario, then I'd find different roomies on principle, just for peace in my own living space.

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