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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. I had an older friend (late 50s, me mid 20s at the time) who told me that she taught her grandkids to pee of the porch because it was fun for them and would teach them to use the potty? ?

  2. Hes using you, dont let him. Refuse to do it. Make your own food. If you solit bills then what exactly are you getting out of this relationship? It sounds like your taking on way more work for him, including chores. He gets all pf the benefits and you get more work taking care of an adult man? Hell no. Ask him to pay more in rent if he wants this added benefits since he doesnt seem to want to do anything. You are being taken advantage of. Stop doing all chores for him too. The absolute audacity

  3. Sis, this is not an insult, but based on your post history, you really don’t seem like you are in a good enough place mentally for any relationship.

    That’s a thing. There are times in our lives where we are so ill equipped to deal with the ups and downs of a relationship, and the most responsible thing we can do (for the other person as well as ourselves) is to STOP BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP. Your post history shows a toxic relationship, it shows that you’re not a very good partner, and it shows a relationship that is constantly rocky. You have things you need to work through, and coping mechanisms that you need to learn, before you are ready for a relationship. It’s BETTER for you to be single until you’re well equipped enough to bring someone else into the mess as well.

    I’m sure that you’ll dismiss this advice, because it seems like you’re assisted to toxic, unhealthy relationships of all kinds, but if you actually want your life to have some stability and to not be miserable all the time like you seem now, then you need to take a step back from relationships and work on yourself. You’ve got a lot of work to do, and it seems obvious that you will not or can not do that work while in a relationship.

  4. You need to quit making excuses for his abusive behavior. The hurting part of you is the correct part. Don't talk yourself into accepting manipulative and abusive behavior.

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