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  1. I weigh about 150 lbs. Almost a decade ago I got a kitten that was 3 lbs, now a full grown cat. He has no boundaries, sleeps in my bed, runs under my feet. I have injured him exactly 0 times. The difference between my size and his is likely much great than you and your husband.

  2. My partner is just worried about me falling back into my ED which is his biggest fear. So I understand his worry , it's just a very hot thing to stop and not fall back into old habits

  3. oMG. I swear I read the same post a couple of months ago or last year.

    Dang. So many Asian women massage therapists giving 'happy ending' unrequested. Dang those Asian massage therapists, double charging for “happy ending.” /s

    I swear, by the tone of the post and the similarity from last year or was it the year b4……F for creative writing grade.

  4. Another case of hyper insecurity. This is toxic behavior broski. You know it's not normal and you know that it's not creating a happy relationship. You know what needs to be done if she refuses to acknowledge there's a problem or work on it.

  5. You did the right thing. The suite and sharing would push me over the edge. I’ve shared rooms like that with coworkers but always the same sex and my husband knew, mainly because I talk about everything

  6. it has to be a troll. she has posted maybe 50 comments and all of them have been the same 3 paragraphs copy pasted lmao

  7. I don't think parents are jealous of their kids but they do think it's up to them to make the “right” choices for their less intelligent and savvy children and that what it sounds like he thinks about you.

    You're too impressionable and weak willed to have a friend living an alternative relationship style. He must save you from yourself.

  8. Wow. You’re actually going to break up with your boyfriend (who has done nothing wrong by the way) and instead side with your racist, abusive ignorant parents..? Throwing away 5 years for THIS!? Your bf deserves wayyyyyy better than you.

  9. dont expect loyalty if you are not loyal yourself, or you are loyal for wrong reasons (ex. staying quiet when one get cheated on and fucking other people aside from your SO). are you really 28???

    you kept saying that you acknowledged you sre wrong, but you lied, did it twice and got mad at your brother? lol you're a huge POS. serial cheater or “cheated twice” cheater are still the same because you freaking cheated u trash. your brother should cut you off and pls grow up.

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