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Date: September 23, 2022

30 thoughts on “Midnight-Madi

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  2. I don't know how this is any different than going to a bar or club to pick up a rebound one night stand and totally regretting it. Just because it was an awful experience and you miss your ex doesn't mean it is time to get back together. If you do get back together keep that info to yourself. However, be honest if she asks if you were with anyone when you were split. I always feel that is an unfair question to ask a partner after a split and a getbacktogether. But if she wants to know and is unhappy about your answer, that's on her. Don't ask a question you don't want the answer to.

  3. You both just needs a vacation.

    Stop overthinking, she probably had no idea what she meant by those words, just wanted to exclaim frustration.

  4. Hey OP, this will probably get buried, but we’ll see!

    I’ve read both of your posts and the word that kept popping into my head was “maturity.” She was willing to throw away 7 years because of things people who’ve never met you told her. Their motive doesn’t matter – her reaction to it does. Whatever stories they’ve heard were told by her; either they’re twisting the stories back to her or she’s hearing them through another persons perspective and thinks “oh, you know, that wasn’t great.” Telling her to find someplace else to work also isn’t a mature response. Everywhere she goes there’s likely going to be someone who will nitpick. Is she supposed to just keep salon hopping?

    Maturity also applies to you in this case – you knew showing her the ring and everything was going to hurt her even more. And you chose to kick her while she was done, because you were hurt. You didn’t have to do that; you could’ve said you’d been making plans to propose and left it. You didn’t have to tell her at all. But that whole section was manipulative, IMO.

    Are you two in the same place in life? It sounds like she’s early in her career and you may be a little further along. Are your goals really aligned or is someone taking the lead and the other just following along because you’ve been together for 7 years?

    I think taking time apart is good for both of you. You’re already thinking about moving one month after the 3 months – this says to me you’re ready to move on OR you expect her to go along with you in a decision you already made, which forces her do going with you if she wants to stay together, even if she doesn’t want to move.

  5. Am I destined to choose between a partner or a “happy-part-time-life

    No, there are people out there that agree with you. Find one who does

  6. It's not always clear cut, but often with income disparities the person making more money wants a lifestyle at their budget, forcing the person who makes less to spend beyond their means. If they don't end up married, the lower-income partner may feel the relationship damaged their finances. I personally make more than my partner (though not by as much as you do) and i pay proportionally a little more for living expenses, food, and entertainment, basically because I'm not willing to make cuts to my lifestyle in those areas. He probably couldn't/shouldn't spend as much of his money on those things as he would need to in order to meet my lifestyle standard and split the costs with me evenly. We're not married but we're committed to each other, i want him to do those things with me, so i am happy to spend more on them.

    If you're living consistently within her budget and don't feel committed as a partner yet, i think it's fine to go 50-50 but you should make it clear where you stand. Basically her portion of the rent still shouldn't exceed a third of her income per general financial advice, but she may also have financial goals you should take into account and truly respect (don't push her to move into an apartment she can't afford, or split trips with you that are outside her budget). My view is, if you want to share a life with her and go 50-50, that means you should live at her budget.

  7. Are you thinking this because you actually don’t see a future with her, or are you just scared of missing out and wondering if the grass is greener?

    If you genuinely don’t see a future with this woman, please tell her kindly and break it off. If you just want to try out other women before settling down to see if you’ve missed out by not having many relationships, think long and hot about if it’s really worth throwing a great relationship away to chase after something that might end up not being as good.

  8. Here's a general guideline: If you're unable to properly articulate your thoughts in a way that doesn't sound shitty, chances are your thoughts are just straight up shitty.

  9. Thank you very much, that's a massive help, I'll raise those points when I talk to her today.

    It's absolutely my insecurity and that's why I don't want to ask xyz or make it her problem, but equally it's an insecurity founded through past events. So while it's my job to deal with the insecurity, in my mind it's hers to improve herself in this regard. And of course I'm going to help her with that, but that's why it's a mutual thing. Find a way for myself to dull the insecurity, and her to build my trust etc.

  10. i can’t stand people who air out their dirty laundry on social media. He’s not worth your time

  11. To OPs gf: it sounds like you're aware that your objection to his therapist is because of your BPD, that's good. It also means that you should bring your problem up with your psychiatrist instead of forcing your bf to change his therapist.

    To OP: you should bring this dilemma up with your therapist. You also need healthy boundaries and one healthy boundary is that you choose your own therapist.

  12. It's hot to imagine that your faithful fiancée that you've been with for 5 years just jumped on multiple guys at this party and the other girls weren't surprised and supported,

    I'd say these girls have had each other's backs and relationships for years. This isn't she first cheating, it's just that her bf didn't want you to be fooled any more. maybe she's taking revenge that night because your fiancée got close to the man she wanted.

    Good that you noticed and got rid of it.

  13. Sweetie, I regret to inform you that you will never be free from the emotional labor or “being” in charge” of the cleaning

    First he had Neat Freak RoommateTM then he had Helpful GirlfriendTM. He’s 25. He’s never going to assume responsibility for cleaning. At best, he will complete delegated tasks.

    Sorry. You own this sh*t now.

  14. you are only 18 & too young to be facing all these crap from him.

    Honey leave him & find a new better boo!

  15. If you get there and he’s not ready just leave. That will show him how rude it is and he will have to figure out his own ride.

  16. This isn’t something where I’ve told her definitively that I’m uncomfortable, and it’s not necessarily that I’m uncomfortable I’m just trying to see if someone has had some situation similar to this

  17. And she should talk to her father and mention what SIL said, it's his money, it must feel dreadful having people scheming over your money while you are still alive…I also second the prenup

  18. Depends on what exactly did that girl text you?

    Was she trying to flirt you? Poking around to see if you're 'available?'

    Sounds like you deliberately didn't explain it!

    Also, I'm not sure why you bothered with the so called 'preface?' I'm a very private person, but that doesn't mean I've something to hide. It just means I prefer to play things close to my chest and don't let people interfere with my personal life.

    So, exactly what are you trying to imply here?

    This whole post reeks of blatant denial and blame shifting, which is unhealthy in any relationship.

  19. Hey, I went to the crab house before! And it is very good. You should plan a date for it with some good friends some time. I am glad you are doing what you feel is best. I remember your post and there was a lot more things going on than just one incident about a restaurant.

  20. How do you know that after the experience that she wont ask to have a threesome but with a man as the third. This could be the trap. The well we did it for your Birthday with my friend. Now I want the same but with a guy this this time . And you be a Hippocrit if you say now cause now she let out have cake. I seen this happen and ended horribly. If ya value ya wife don't want drama later I 'd push the NO BUTTON!

  21. I assume he's talking about when people say “the past is the past and doesn't matter” with the woke word.

    On Reddit especially alot of people would say if someone had crazy or alot of sexual partners before they met you, it should hvae no baring on wanting to be with that person currently.

    I personally wouldn't be with someone who's been in a gangbang myself.

  22. The things she said in describing those photos to you were aggressively bizarre. I would never, ever show my potential or actual SO photos and point out who I’d had sex with or who I wanted to have sex with. That she did this is borderline cruel. You’ve been dating for a few years? I simply cannot imagine why she said any of that to you. Trying to make you feel insecure or jealous? Whatever it was, it was decidedly unkind.

    If you’ve been dating a long time, you know her. Maybe she was just talking & wasn’t thinking – she was talking to you like you were one of her female friends instead of her bf. Or maybe she was playing “mean girl” games with you.

    If it ever happens again, it’s more than fair for you to say “please don’t tell me about sex you had with other guys. I don’t want to hear about it.” She’ll push back with something about you being so insecure or she shouldn’t have to monitor what she says around you, and you’re allowed to hold firm. “I love everything about you, but I don’t want to imagine you with other men. If you think that makes me insecure, fine. I don’t need or want to know anything about your sex life before me.”

    This has nothing to do with her being your “first” and everything to do with you being a regular human person.

  23. I have told him that, and his response is typically something along the lines of I need to compromise with him. Ever since our baby was born he has not even gone once without me, which is how I know he has not done anything. He also willingly lets me see/go through his phone as he does not hide anything from me.

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