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  1. Personally, I wouldn’t upend my life. If I was wanted as badly as he states he wants you, he will come back locally. It’s unfair and selfish of him to ask this of you. I’d be very honest with him about this. You gave him the effort and he didn’t care.

  2. What do you expect the therapist to say? I mean you seem to know this is a mental thing. The thing with performance anxiety is that its a downward spiral. Focus is key. You need to avoid triggers leading to you tripping yourself out. she's your wife, who you are comfortable with. Who you should be secure with. Let that other shit go for a moment. Can you initiate maybe some cuddling and foreplay to get you going? Maybe practice meditation or some kind of other stress reliever on your own. Staying active and working out helps too. Good luck man

  3. He’s not going to kill himself, that’s a manipulative threat. It’s possible that he actually is depressed, but a) toxic people say they’re “depressed” whenever they don’t get their way, and b) alcohol is a depressant.

    FWIW: you love the person he pretended to be to trap you in this marriage. He is not that person. He has his parents and his dog to comfort him.

    You need to escape this household. Start sneaking important paperwork etc out when no one is looking. Let him bring the dog to bed and go sleep in the living room.

  4. She should give him all the space he needs. He can have his computer and his hand (it’s not his libido) and she can find a partner who desires her as much as she him. Win win.

  5. Leave this poor man alone. You chose a penis buffet over a stable loving man. He doesn't need you coming back around messing with his mental health after the fact.

    Find some mental health resources ASAP.

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