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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this! It sounds like such a disappointment.

    The one piece of advice I'd like to convey is that the way these people are behaving is very likely more about them and their insecurities than it is about you. It's passive-aggressive and meant to bring you down so they can feel better. It's dysfunctional, and always remember that it says more about them and their internal struggles than it does anything genuine about you.

    So what to do in the meantime?

    Take some time for yourself and do a little self-care while you're on your trip. Book a massage, get your nails done, go to a cafe and enjoy a coffee, etc. Just something to take care of yourself without the negative noise so you can recharge and feel a little better on your own terms.

    It may also help to think about how you want to address what happened at some point, and I have a couple of ideas on that.

    For anyone that you want to remain close to, I would bring it up. Maybe not this trip, but eventually when you feel more comfortable. Say the negativity was unexpected and hurtful and ask if there is something going on with them that has brought it out. A little warning – it might not go well. People get a little flustered when confronted with honesty like that. But this tactic should really only be used with someone whose relationship you think can get past this. It should be addressed because if it's not, it will probably come out again.

    For those that you're not sure about or don't want to remain close with, remember that you can't be honest with someone who isn't honest with themselves. Their reaction is passive-aggressive and meant to bring you down so they can feel better about themselves. Getting through to someone that hasn't matured enough to know their own weaknesses or have some self-awareness is an uphill battle and might not be worth your time. People in this group should stay at arm's length, if not out of the picture completely. I would learn to ignore them and start to reframe those comments for what they really are – a very sad way to make themselves feel better.

    In the end, it sounds like you feel happy and healthy with all the progress you've made – and that's all that really matters.

  2. You could ask your gyno or primary physician to run a hormone panel. Make sure you get: estrogen, LH (lutenizing hormone), FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), total testosterone, and free testosterone. It should be a no brainer for your doctor to order those tests if you request “Sex hormone blood work” but perhaps clarifying could be beneficial

    Best of luck!

  3. I'm really sorry to hear that. It's the fact we have a house and kids for me, makes it that bit extra worth fighting for. We've been together for almost half our lives, it's nude to just let that go , even if she isn't still in it mentally.

  4. Haha, unless it doesn’t. My girlfriend has showed the wives of the neighborhood a picture of my Dick while I and their husbands were in the room.

    Everyone doesn’t get as worked up about that stuff as you think.

  5. Also, look at his actions, not just his words… his actions will reveal much more. And when someone shows you who they are, trust them.

  6. My fiancé also told me he would prefer if I didn’t smoke weed as much, I was literally high at the time, and I asked him if he wanted me to stop smoking in general. He said yes, but he was fine with me just not smoking as much. I really liked him, we had just started dating at the time, and I asked him to ask me to stop smoking weed and he did and it’s been a year since he’s asked me this and I haven’t gone back on it. I didn’t need to smoke weed, I did it because when I had started smoking I was with someone who made me miserable and I couldn’t stand to be around them unless I was high. It was his boundary, I knew if I didn’t accept it we couldn’t be together and I honestly would rather stop smoking weed and be with him than be addicted to drugs and lose the love of my life.

  7. No harm or malice intended if you just ask about the composition of a drink. You have nothing to feel guilty about. The argument is not what he says the argument is about. He erupted for another reason – maybe he feels constrained by his living conditions? His reaction is totally unwarranted. You don't have to endure such treatment.

  8. She's not your soulmate. If soulmates are really a thing, yours isn't someone who would treat you this way. Get out, wish her well and hope she finds the help she needs — but know that isn't your responsibility.

  9. You are young and still have so much time to move on. 3 weeks to many people is considered just getting to know a person yet. Don’t feel bad, find someone who you don’t have to be scared of.

    If anything, you should be happy that you only wasted about a month on her.

  10. I think he wanted to move out of the city And she wanted child and marriage.

    Reminds me of trumps quote about shit trade deals ?

  11. You guys arent compatible as a couple. You shouldn’t have to have sex when you aren’t feeling it, and he doesn’t have to stay in a relationship where his needs aren’t being met

  12. There's ethical non-monogamy, but this ain't it. Not even close. Neither of you have respect for each other's boundaries, you don't seem to respect his emotional well-being, you can't be saying you're too jealous for an open relationship and while getting upset when he gets jealous. None of this is ok

  13. It’s not just guys? You’re downplaying it like he’s being immature but he told you repeatedly it was important for feeling loved and valued which is completely valid.

    Not that anything you say is invalid. Not liking sex is fine. But your dismissiveness of it and claiming it’s a guy thing only is really rude and belittling to your ex.

  14. People are that stupid, any hint that someone is ” professional ” in their field and the ability to question/doubt anything goes out the window, because they are professional and must know best with years of experience

    Its why people can happily get absolutely ripped off on certain things

  15. That's weird that you'd expect someone to accept that. Lol I couldn't imagine my husband seeing his ex every week for any reason wtf ?

  16. Nope, she said she is willing to have kids for you. That is not a good thing, then it becomes a weapon. Every time you two fight, she can say “well I had kidd for you, you can do this or that for me”

    And who's gonna suffer most in the end is the kids one day they would learn their mother only had them to keep a man. Is that seriously the life you wanna live.?

  17. Compassionate advice: do insert the part where you ask if you need to be tested. This remark will hurt passively and I would be petty. Why do you need to be more than objective? I like your draft but make sure to insert sth that COULD BE interpreted as sth that hurts him. Stay above it but don't pretend to be a saint. And for me personally sticking his dick into another human is explanation enough. Dont bother with why he felt the urge to do it. There are people just enjoying this, people that wouldnt find you attractive enough anymore, people that need outside validation, … Just don't bother. If you feel the need to improve yourself to feel better, dont listen to him but reflect on yourself what YOU think would put YOU in a better place

  18. I am a (female) boudoir/ fine art photographer and the amount of women who come to me bc they had a bad experience with a guy in a basement with a camera and left mid shoot bc they were being pressured to go a little further with each click of the camera is in the hundreds. And this woman knew and probably trusted this guy. I can see how it went side ways. Would I have gone to him? Nope, but some people are really naive. Does OP get to be upset? Oh, absolutely. And he needs to make that clear. And he has every right to break it off if that is a deal breaker for him. But there is definitely a common thing, and it is predatory and gross.

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