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Date: September 28, 2022

34 thoughts on “Mia-sensual online webcams for YOU!

  1. This strikes me as overly clingy (especially the love song), but not necessarily malicious in the absence of any other concerning behaviour. It does sound like there is an interest level mismatch here, and it's a perfectly valid reason not to go on a second date in and of itself.

    The birth control thing is unremarkable, as others have said.

  2. i think its based on his family criticising extended family's SOs for not being good enough. and he didn't say midsize, he said that all the women in his family are “very thin” lol

  3. Look up surviving infidelity to see resources on what to do to nip an emotional affair in the bud. Although if she regularly sees him on nights out and she spent time at his place then chances are it’s more than emotional.

    Basically put your foot down. She chooses you or she chooses him. If she chooses you then she cuts immediate contact with him. That’s both electronically and in person. If he’s there when she goes out with her friends, then she stops going out with her friends. If he’s in a group chat, then she stops taking part in the group chat. And if she refuses then she’s made a choice, contact a lawyer (preferably do that before giving her an ultimatum) and start divorce proceedings. Show her you’re serious.

  4. I think we’re very close and intimate at times. I went through college with him and we share similar interests, but not DnD. I think I trust that he’s not going to send anything wrong, but I’m afraid them talking every day will develop into something serious. It’s 6 am here and I can hear his phone going off with messages from her three times the past two hours.. are they really just friends? Or are they lightly flirting with each other giving each other attention every day? We are still intimate. It’s just the past couple months it’s been less so because of this girl.

  5. You need to think about therapy if this is your normal pattern within a relationship. You maybe passing up your perfect person by doing this. Go and get some help.

  6. Honestly it feels more like the girls were the golden girls. They've treated him poorly throughout his life and his parents never put a stop to it.

  7. Everyone here is missing a VERY easy solution to this potential problem. Tell her that you want to go with her and meet him and also stay the night the three of you 🙂 lemme know how that works out

  8. Honesty, OP, if a temporary change in hairstyle can put you off of this guy you just weren't that into him to begin with. If your love for him was real his happiness would be more important than the superficiality of this haircut.

  9. Absolutely not. This is a crazy idea. Flat out no. Kill this topic and let her know you won’t entertain further discussion

  10. Well that was like 29 years ago…

    My parents often told me after the fact if they didn't like my girlfriends. It wasn't so helpful to me but they are humans after all.

    The problems with a parent's opinion is the bias. That is why I suggested someone close enough to trust but far enough to have a fair take.

  11. Move out. Get your own space. Then have conversato see how you both can be happy together.

    You also need therapy to figure out your self esteem and where in your upbringing you stopped having boundaries. This is important.

  12. how many people would it take to offer you some sound advice and guidance? or is just one, saying that this is not a relationship fit for any person who is seeking love, acceptance, intimacy, compassion and affection, enough? because i can assure you that no one would advise you stick through this or try to love her and on-line with it. and i feel like, judging from how you choose to phrase yourself, i feel like you too know what you need to do.

  13. I’m sorry but nothing about this situation is normal, so it’s hot to give you advice on how to act normal other than don’t show them your feelings and go speak to a professional about it? Whether a rebound will help or not depends on how actually emotionally invested in him you are (sounds like – quite much).

  14. This sub gets so weird sometimes, I swear. Jack’s obviously a super immature dude who hasn’t grasped that growing up means not being able to hang out and get hammered with the boys every weekend, so he’s resentful of OP for putting a face to this internal dilemma.

  15. I have had a lot of alone time these past 10 years, which gave me the opportunity to get to know myself and explore life. Due this this demand for freedom I had to break up with my clingy ex gf who basically wanted a codependent relationship.

    Sounds like your GF just had the same realization and wanted to spread her wings to explore life outside of your relationship/apartment.

  16. They feel unsafe because their response to hospitality was violence. Your family has “lost control” of you and they are more likely try to exert extreme behaviors to try to regain that control if you go back.

  17. How did you guys get married without having the kids talk? I’m sorry to say, she’s 35, she wants another IUD, the highest percentage she gave you for MAYBE wanting kids was 20%. This lady does want kid. If that is a deal breaker for you, then you may need to start to think about leaving.

  18. Maybe you need to be without Jim, he seems to think watching people having sex is okay but you listening to audio stuff isn’t? Women are different sometimes and don’t find the visual aspect appealing but would rather read or listen to it aka smut books.

  19. First, I'm so sorry for what you're going through. Please seek therapy, it will be tremendously helpful for you no matter what you decide.

    Second, HPV is extremely common and condoms don't protect you from it. Unless you and your husband were each other's only partners, either of you could have picked it up at any point in time. That obviously doesn't excuse his cheating, but hopefully helps relieve the stigma a little for you.

  20. I don’t think he’s flirting back. And what I didn’t add was that I asked him to to speak to her outside of anything that’s an office setting. I think he enjoys it that’s what bothers me. And the fact that I told him to not mention her and still continues to do so really upsets me.

  21. So did he admit it to you last night or three weeks ago when you said it happened and then took a plan b? Either way you should leave him and he doesn’t need to be there for a pregnancy test

  22. Then, at that point, I'd suggest putting serious thought into the feasibility of the relationship in the long run. A healthy, normal adult relationship has a conflict resolution pattern that looks somewhat like this: “Hey babe, can we talk? Lately I feel we haven't been on the same page about things. Like I acknowledge your feelings, but here is how I feel…” Him: “yeah I get how you feel, you're right in some aspect but here's how I feel about things…” You: “totally get where you're coming from babe, can we at least agree that I will stop doing X, and you stop doing Y? I think it will help us both”. Him: “OK I like that plan, makes sense.”

    Of course no relationship or discussion is always this clean cut, but some form of that discussion in that order should occur. Almost like an open teamwork approach to problem solving. If he isn't receptive to this or walls up, it's a sign that you're with a child mentally. You'd have to decide what you're willing to put up with and how long. Communication is not just the most important thing, it's also the #1 reason couples tend to fall apart. So definitely dont undermine its importance or brush it aside for his sake.

  23. That's because you RUSH AROUND TO APPEASE YOUR WIFE.

    Stop it, or keep suffering. Simple choice dude but stop with this 'easier said than done' shit. Do or don't there is no try – and you keep coming back to the fantasy of 'try'.

  24. Have you had a discussion with him already that you feel watching porn or other such live activities by someone in a relationship would be considered cheating?

  25. I would just exit the relationship, but honestly, I have never been into the clubbing scene and have no desire to be with someone who parties all night to the point of being drunk. Maybe it's because my best friend was killed on his 18th birthday from drinking and driving, or my dad being crippled by a drunk driver had jaded me to it.

  26. It’s actually kind of a turn-on to pretend he’s raping me. He doesn’t really pretend he’s raping me. I just say it.

  27. You don’t coerce someone into having a threesome if you love them. All he cares about is his feelings. You should be with someone who respects you and loves you. I personally would break up with this person.

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