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Date: October 2, 2022

6 thoughts on “mia rand the very hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Hi Calasy, thank you for sharing me about your experience. I appreciate it. Right now, it's nude for me to decide whether I should distance myself or keep being close to her. I don't wanna hurt her feelings because I know she enjoys being my close friend but at the same time it hurts to know that she's just a close friend to me “)

  2. Snap out of it bro, she’s manipulating you into to thinking you aren’t her safe option.

    She’s doing this by making you feel special with “I love you and I only want you.” Her actions don’t line up with these statements. You are the safe option for her. I’m 100% willing to bet you that you are at the very least more stable then the other guys. Emotionally, financially, ect.

    Also, I hate to be the one to tell you this but, likely there are more partners you don’t know about.

    Public displays of affection with you are weird but fucking in the woods and in public are cool? Nah that’s bs 100%. She’d not comfortable enough with you? SHE SAID YES TO MARRIAGE. If that isn’t the maximum comfort level then what the fuck is?

    LEAVE HER, she’s never going to change. She isn’t amazing she’s manipulative.

    She’s pretty good at it to. Shes actually got you believing your the fucking problem. To do that it means she’s been manipulating you for a very long time and knows exactly which buttons to push to get you to do as she likes.

    She isn’t going to change, she won’t change after the wedding, she won’t change after the kids come, which by the fucking way. HOW TF WILL YOU KNOW THEY ARE YOURS? She won’t change, she will continue to torture you until you are a shell of a human being. If you’re lucky you’ll come out the other side a shattered remnant of what you once were.

    Bro, please man. Leave her, please. You deserve a loving partner who actually respects you and your boundaries. Don’t stay because it’s safe and familiar. It’s not worth it.

    Please, think of yourself first and don’t fall for her lies.


  3. She didn’t forcing you.

    “We are exclusive and I don’t feel comfortable with you being around your ex on a regular basis” is a pretty normal boundary. And if you don’t do it, she’ll leave. That’s your choice and that’s her choice. She isn’t forcing you, she’s making a decision on HER own boundaries in a relationship and is giving you the option to come along or not. There are 9 billion people on the planet. She can find someone exactly like you that doesn’t hang out with their ex if she wants.

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