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Date: September 18, 2022

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  1. I feel like there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of consent here. A contract giving consent for sex is completely redundant, because consent can be withdrawn any time. Consent is about all parties in enthusiastic agreement. Everyone feels comfortable, and no one feels pressured. I think if your girlfriend has stated several times this is her fantasy, you should be able to trust that if you were to do this she would enjoy it, and if she wasn’t feeling it that morning she would let you know without creating any rifts or resentment. But if you’re simply not comfortable with it, a signed contract is not going to make that unease go away. Like I said, everyone involved should feel comfortable. It is completely valid for you to say this isn’t a fantasy you can’t fulfill for her if you don’t want to take part in it.

  2. You fool. Prepare for fatherhood. I’m a woman. Birth control pills are taken regularly no matter what state a woman’s monthly cycle is like. The pills are regular even if the periods aren’t – not the other way around! She wants to get pregnant, and congratulations, you’re the sperm donor. How far & how long are you going to be her puppet? Will she drag you down the isle because you got her pregnant? Will you spend the next couple of decades paying through the nose in child support? It will be your own fault for being so stupid. Grow a spine and get some condoms. If she won’t let you use them, throw her ass out of bed.

  3. I feel you so much with this… It's hot. I think I have a tendency to push people away, or get too clingy and also push people away, but it's like I don't know how to just relax and enjoy the moments or something. Like, I'm always supposed to be expecting something to happen. It's exhausting.

    I can't offer any advice, but I can send my good wishes

  4. I use to do this a lot and it was because of my own mental Heath problems and shitty communication skills. He needs a therapist. When my wife would have an issue with something I did, i could spiral way down into a self pity rabbit hole and it was very frustrating for her. I do compassion therapy which helped me care more about myself, which helped me take criticism and issues a lot better.

  5. Its called auto name generator my dear. You sound like a wonderful woman, you bf should is sooooo lucky to have you. Good luck with that, Would LOVE an update?

  6. has your mom not been happy with your dad? that marriage obviously matters to her still even if her first marriage didnt work out. youre being dramatic

  7. Idk how you'd compliment it but dw, not having his whole dick in won't feel bad. It'll feel good either way

  8. The person who cheats, is in the negative for trust. They have to show changed behavior and earn that trust back over time. Why would you fully trust him less than a month later? Particularly somewhere outside work, fun, with alcohol probably involved. He should give up on this party. HE caused this problem. You’ve chosen to forgive him and you do eventually have to let him out from under it to move on yourself. But it’s been less than a month. He’s not earned trust back.

  9. Ok – just a little curious as at my wedding (and all the weddings I went to) family photos were just family and I don’t think I danced with anyone other than my husband? I mean everyone hit the dance floor as a crowd. It might be that your expectations were too high and you felt let down? It seems like this friend is not on the same wavelength as you and it might be time to accept she has changed a lot and isn’t able to be connected to you in the way you wish she was?

  10. It's funny how no matter what dirt someone does and how blatant they are about it reddit brings out a particular demographic that'll defend them. Thank you for showing the thread you're the type.

    OP is a bad person that's not for debate. It's plain to see he doesn't actually care about the bf and just was fishing for opinions to support him.

  11. What you are doing now is not love, and what you are receiving is not love. You are enabling his terrible behaviour. That's not to say you are responsible for it, only he is. You can control only your behaviour and at the moment you are giving him no cause to change

  12. Why are you trying to tell her when she can and cannot have a present? What weird rules are you setting? And $300 is an expensive gift. I understand that in your mind compared to something more high end it's not. But you also got three of then. You just dropped almost a grand on your friends who are rightfully very important to you, but then that makes her feel not important. Did she not support you at all? Emotionally? Nothing? No? Ok. Keep acting like her father and you won't be her daddy that's for sure.

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  14. I'm sorry you're depressed but now isn't the time for you to fall apart over losing your family. Now is the time to get angry and fight back to keep your children from your cheating wife. Pull yourself together and lawyer up. DON'T DO ANYTHING until you consult with a lawyer first!

  15. This. While 500k feels like a lot, it's not like you can retire and never work again and buy a mansion. 500k is a big step toward that, but it's not like you inherited millions.

    Regardless of how much or how little it is, you DO NOT share your personal financial information with anyone except your financial advisor and a spouse, when you get one. Boyfriends don't need to know a damn thing about how much you earn or have saved or inherited. Nothing! Keep it zipped.

  16. Then she probably cheated on you during the retreat and wants to continue that relationship guilt-free.

  17. One of the only arguments I’ve officially won won. The rest we’ve all come to full agreement, moved forward and developed.

    But this argument I won. “Your single, hoe friends have never held a relationship for more than 6 months. So why are you taking their opinion and advice on our 4 year relationship? You can confide in them all you want, but the second you take advice from someone who has no experience and is against what we are, problems will start.”

    She took what I said to heart, but it still irks me that they are who she confides in when the going gets tough

  18. Social media = / = real life. People lie on-line literally all the time to try to make their lives look better than they really are. This man is basically a stranger to you. He could have become an addict in the last 4 years, or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, he could have become a serial cheater, you would have no way of knowing.

    You don’t want to marry either of these men specifically, you just want to be married. Please go to therapy, none of this is healthy and it’s astoundingly immature

  19. My 13 yea old son is here most of the time because sports. And I’m saving vacation days to get my vasectomy

  20. I wouldn’t wait 2 years or more for sex but you’re welcome to.

    Plus. I wouldn’t date someone who was insistent that if there were an unintended pregnancy, we’d keep it because I’d be having an abortion.

    I’d break it off and date someone more aligned with your wishes/needs/plans.

  21. You’re 23. Youre pretty much a hormone in human form. You are ethical, and that’s fantastic, but beat yourself up for bad actions, not bad thoughts.

    Ps. Next time you have some other weird thought I wouldn’t share with your bf. Why freak him out potentially for no good reason?

  22. To say I forgot that event and how I felt though? Nope.

    Thanks for sharing this. Does she know that you still remember it to this day? How does the fact that you still remember it make you feel now?

    Our events are comparable I guess

  23. Chains can be a choking hazard with a running engine. I would totally do a tattoo. What do you mean until she did the same? I only expect her to wear it when going out which is the same standard I have held myself to. You can’t say she has felt disrespect for 11 years unless you know her. I don’t think she would have married me after knowing me for 10 years if she felt that way. Sorry for my ignorance, what does running on 100 mean? I appreciate your perspective.

  24. Are you living under a rock or purposefully being obtuse? It is common for women (and men) to be upset either way a man reacts. Not always because not all women are assholes but some women think men with feelings or who aren’t alpha enough are weak or soft but in this case it’s the opposite when he acted with strength and protection his gf now views him as violent.

  25. Are you living under a rock or purposefully being obtuse? It is common for women (and men) to be upset either way a man reacts. Not always because not all women are assholes but some women think men with feelings or who aren’t alpha enough are weak or soft but in this case it’s the opposite when he acted with strength and protection his gf now views him as violent.

  26. Are you living under a rock or purposefully being obtuse? It is common for women (and men) to be upset either way a man reacts. Not always because not all women are assholes but some women think men with feelings or who aren’t alpha enough are weak or soft but in this case it’s the opposite when he acted with strength and protection his gf now views him as violent.

  27. The first questiuon is: are your friends in happy and fulfilling relationships? If not, then it could simply be “crabs in a bucket” mentality. They aren't happy so don't want you to be happy.

    If they ARE in happy and fulfilling relationships though, then you need to pay closer attention to what they are saying and ask deeper questions. Find out what they are seeing that you are not.

    Either way, you need to focus on what YOU feel. If being with him makes you happy, then keep being his guiding light.

  28. Pregnancy hormones can’t be used as an excuse for such behaviour. I’m currently pregnant and sure it comes with mood swings and exhaustion, but that doesn’t mean you can be abusive to others. Honestly, she tried to take advantage of that hormone card during pregnancy and do whatever she wanted, and showed her true self.

  29. when forming relationships (including friendships) require adjusting and compromising with other people.

    This. Also, there's a super fine line between standing by who you are, and refusing to adjust your style–which is, after all, superficial–so as to signal to people that you're like-minded. The latter is actually a sign of social awkwardness and ineptitude, and not the integrity so many people think it is.

  30. She’s sending thirst trap pictures back and forth with her female friends?

    As long as it’s not outright nudity, I don’t see a problem with it. Unless it’s something she does multiple times a day, day after day after day.

  31. You had have to grow a bit of a thicker skin. Iranian people are very direct, especially if their English isn't great. That's every chance she doesn't mean it. Talk to you bf

  32. You can’t post something like this and not say what those four things she did that made you not trust her are.

  33. That comes off as very manipulative on her part. You both need to have things outside of each other. And you shouldn't be killing yourself working insane hours. That will not end well. Your family didn't cease to exist just because yall got married. Yall need some couples therapy to help you find a good medium and so yall are hearing each other. It doesn't sound like yall really are right now at all.

  34. Right?? Like, just because you can keep them in for a certain length of time doesn't mean you have to do that. I took mine out after three years…. to have a baby. No biggie

  35. You say she makes you share locations, does she check up on you periodically throughout the day or question where you are/why you’re at a certain place? I only ask because I have an ex like that and it only got worse and more controlling. It took me a while, but I realized continuing to stay and “comfort” him during these accusations was just enabling the behavior. Towards the end of my relationship, he started going through my phone while I was sleeping and waking me up with these crazy accusations that I was cheating or going to leave him. We start normalizing the behavior the longer we stay and it’s way too much of a mental load to take on. Don’t put up with it as long as I did, it’s not a fun roller coaster to be on. She needs counseling to begin working past the insecurities and she’s not going to be capable of a healthy relationship until she works past them.

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