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Date: September 22, 2022

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  2. I'm religious but this is just wrong. I personally don't like the God fearing, mess once and you'll burn in hell forever kind of religion. If God is our lord and savior, then why should we be terrified of him? It makes no sense.

  3. Text your boyfriend off a number app like text now and see if he text back on there. If he does, go from there. If he doesn’t, might wanna check on him.

  4. Yes. It is. He's definitely allowed to not want a child but if you do and he doesn't that's where the relationship should have ended. He had no right to act the way he did, made it all about him and Invalidated and trivialized the pain you went through. Break up with him, get therapy to deal with the grief. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with this. I will say that if having a kid is important to you, lay that out (which it sounds like you did with this joker) and if a person you're dating does not feel the same, that's where it needs to end

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  6. You have right be upset about being publicly humiliated by the slide show and your boyfriend's cheating.

    What's to understated? He cheats on you and insults you. Why are wasting any more time interacting with this dumpster fire of a human being?

    Have some self respect and dump him already.

  7. Honestly. There are plenty of beautiful wonderful women out there that don’t have herpes. I know so many say almost everyone has it. That’s fine. I don’t. And I don’t want to get it. If I can avoid it, I will. I don’t care it’s common or they can take meds. I do not want it. Period.

  8. She’s not ready, and feeling guilt and or shame for being as physical as she has. You should be supportive, but this is for her to sort out, not you. If you find yourself not willing to be patient with her it’s time to end the relationship.

  9. Thank you. I will say that I wasn't chasing her, I did a pretty good job of severing times after the first “standing up”. And body the time I message surrogate I had forgotten her age. These are not excuses, just clarification. I will keep this in mind going forward. Sometimes this stuff isn't the easiest to hear. But thank you again, I appreciate the honesty.

  10. They are a religious family, her same anti-abortion beliefs also dictate that she submit to her husband and as head of the house he makes the determination of who he raises in it. She can have the baby but its going out for adoption to some couple that wants a nice newborn

  11. Here’s some advice: don’t. If you wanna stay with this woman, you need to accept that she can’t do it as much as you like. If you can’t accept that, you owe it to both yourself and her to break it off. What you are considering is going to lead to mistrust and resentment. It may seem like you are both on board now, but I guarantee it won’t be the same later on.

  12. Oh my god I had a friend like this, it was so fucking exhausting and irritating to deal with. I dropped her freshman year of high school bc I just couldn’t do it anymore. She was the same way, 14 years old “dating” 22-25 year old men. These were her “relationships”. Told me her “crush” wanted her to suck his dick in the back of the bus, she asked me if she should do it. I told her no and she did it anyway. In hindsight it’s obvious she had serious issues, like, stemming-from-childhood-issues. But at the same time my 15 year old self is not a therapist and I was no where near equipped to handle something like that so that’s why I’ve never felt bad and still don’t feel bad for abandoning her.

  13. I've one more thing to add.

    If you where a diabetic, would he have to see you go through an episode? Like who cares if he hasn't seen you in binge. He just needs to respect this is an issue for you.

  14. People can change, usually as they mature, so I guess it depends on how long the break has been. Because you said you recently broke up though, I’m going to say no, he hasn’t changed, he’s just love bombing you to get you back. If you do, things will most likely go back to the way they were shortly afterwards.

  15. If after three years you don’t feel desirable, hell after a week, if he doesn’t make you feel wanted and sexy, nope! He’s gotta go. You deserve to feel like the sexiest person alive by your partner. You should walk in a room and feel his eyes on you. When that’s gone, we tend to believe we aren’t sexy or hot, it’s just how our minds work. “I know he loves me, I just need to lose weight or get into shape and he will desire me again”. That’s not okay, not in my opinion. I’m really sorry you’re feeling this way. I really hope you aren’t feeling down about yourself because he’s too blind to see how hard you are. You wear the exact costume you want and you rock that. Confidence is the hottest trait a person can have. Don’t let him take that.

  16. Your son shouldn't even know this (mentally unbalanced) person you only dated for nine months. No, of course she doesn't get see your kid. Your child doesn't need the confusion of getting to know every weirdo you date. Next time don't introduce him until you're 99% sure the relationship is headed toward forever (and after a least a year of dating). This kind of parade of partners is the reason kids of single parents often grow up not trusting anyone.

  17. Nah, I don't date rapey people. Or guys. I'll sleep with men, but I don't find them romantically attractive.

  18. He probably found out you had a daughter, and realizes that with someone who is a sexual predator in the house (you), she could be at risk. I imagine this is about protecting her.

  19. It sounds like you two aren’t sexually compatible, and you don’t need a justification for breaking up other than “I want to break up.”

    Most people don’t stay with their highschool sweetheart, and for good reason. People change as they grow, and the person you thought was right for you at 17 often isn’t right for you.

  20. Yeah no I tried this and she basically said that I’m being out of order and picking my friends over her. She wants to be there

  21. Do you have a bf or truth worthy male friend OP? Maybe you can tell him that your bf (even if you don't have one) doesn't feel comfortable with you going to your ex's wedding. If you want to be extra petty, tell him you can only attend if you bring your bf. And if he accepts, go to the wedding with yoir bf (or fake bf) and tell him to act super flirty in front of everyone all day, be very touchy and keep your eyes on your bf all day. Im sure your ex will die inside seeing you happy and in love with another man, because it seems like he isn't over you and wants you to be as miserable as him. But he cant say anything or act weird because then he will be the jealous one, so your relationship will still be good but he will suffer inside.

  22. So you never wanted to be a nanny and a maid, but you were basically that.

    Why wasn't he buying the kids' clothes or helping with homework?

    Sounds like he said he liked your habits because he was having a hard time figuring out how to run a household alone? You also said in the comments he needs you financially.

  23. Heart break and breakups are hot! They will always be tough! But it’s a great time to focus on yourself. It’s common to change a bit when we get in a relationship, so maybe try to do things that you loved before the relationship? Spending time with friends and family also helps!

  24. Yeah this is extremely cringe and personally I couldn’t be with someone that is so disrespectful to women. Yes a lot of rappers do this, it doesn’t make it okay. Also, most rappers talking about guns or drugs or whatever actually grew up in bad areas and are talking about their experiences. It’s just embarrassing to have your bf pretend to be a gangster.

    I couldn’t tolerate this. He’s right in that he can rap about whatever he wants, but you also don’t have to date someone so embarrassing that speaks about women that way. He could pursue his hobby without being disrespectful to you or women as a whole or being a complete poser.

    You’re definitely too young for this reference but this makes me think of Malibu’s Most Wanted. And trust me. It is cringe. 😂

  25. It's still on us to try to work on it though. He's got to find strategies that work for him, be it writing things down, putting reminders in his phone, using one of the dozens of to-do list apps etc.

    It's super difficult for people like us to just do things, I know that. I'm still working on it. But there is a difference between trying and fucking up and not even trying. OP's husband doesn't try.

  26. This is definitely not a possibility. As I’ve seen for years what he watches when he was hiding it so if that was the case I would have already found it.

  27. You are right on the money when you call yourself a perfectionist. The thing is, that extreme an insistence on things being “right” causes yourself, and others around you, undue stress.

    If you believe this might be true, you can start working against your perfectionistic tendencies.

    For instance, you might intentionally leave dirty dishes in the sink for a few hours. Just to work on your own perfectionism.

    You can adopt this motto: “1. Don't sweat the small stuff. 2. It's all small stuff.”

    I want to refocus on the incident you narrated. Your wife was DRAGGED 10 feet by her dog. Yes, the dog needs to be better trained, but your wife was DRAGGED. Your first concern should have been was she hurt?

    And you were embarrassed by the dog's misbehavior, but did it occur to you that upbraiding your wife in public might embarrass her?

    I think you should apologize to your wife about what happened. Tell her you appreciate her more relaxed approach to life and her happy spirit, and ask if she can help you be less of a perfectionist.

  28. OP, this seems like a “straw that broke the camel’s back” kind of moment. You don’t get to that moment without a lot of BS that came first. Even if this isn’t narcissism, it’s toxic. Dr. Ramani on YouTube is my source for info on narcissism and toxic people.

  29. If my partner told me they were suicidal, I would call for emergency services intervention immediately. I’m almost 40 and I would feel completely incapable of doing or saying the right thing to help the situation. She’s 18. She’s not trained to handle a mental health crisis. It is totally unfair to expect her to take responsibility for caring for you when you’re at this point. I am so, so sorry that you’re struggling right now but I think it’s wrong to lay blame at your girlfriend’s feet. Maybe you should be single for a while and focus on caring for yourself.

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