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Date: December 22, 2022

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  2. You and her are possibly severely damaging the relationship in the name of being open-minded, noncontrolling, and more faithful to an ideology than each other.

    If she has no problem with making it clear to her friends that they are just friends then she should be fine with forewarning all of them if they flirt with her and try to put moves on her then she’ll severe the relationship bc they don’t actually respect the friendship. They don’t actually respect her or you.

    Who wants to maintain friends like that? Obviously she does.

    You CAN have a healthy boundary and expect her to leave friendships that cross the line when the guy hits on her.

    My guess is that you don’t put that boundary up bc deep down you know she doesn’t want to do that and she’d much rather be entertained with dancing on the flirtation line and getting all that attention while making you tip toe around HER feelings. Has she ever shown consideration for your feelings? Said, ‘Hey, you must feel disrespected and upset bc you were right all along. I should pay attention to your thoughts.’ ?? I bet not.

  3. What your husband does is how a sewage station processes solids, after adding bacteria that digests it. It isn’t something anyone wants going on in their home.

    I’d get a plumber in the house and ask them, in front of your husband, what they do. A man who can’t admit when they’re wrong in front of an expert is a fool.

    BTW, I’m no plumber and I very well could be wrong about how sewage is treated.

  4. He’s passing his trauma onto the dog.

    He’s passing Trauma onto you because you now have to witness animal abuse.

    And you have a kid? Is she witnessing this abuse too? A poor defenceless creature being brutalized?

    This is too much. I feel sick having read that.

    You should feel sick too. This is not right.

    And I think deep down, you know this and that’s why you’re here.

    Please, give the dog to someone who won’t beat it, and just be wary that you might be next.

  5. Yeah, a lot of good times actually. Up to the whole family meeting thing. That’s when everything changed and it just snowballed.

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