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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. in a world where girls are pressurised from a young age to have perfect bodies, it’s really important that they see their beloved grandma, awesome mother and other women in particular, with all the curves, bulges, wrinkles, moles, scars and more – to give them a framework of what real happy women really look like.

    That is so well said and absolutely true.

  2. I’m 20, so I’m not jealous of young women since I’m young. And I’m grossed out by this. 50 y/o men are old grandpas for me and dating them at my age is disgusting

  3. If I were you I would look more closely at your finances and work out where your wife’s current income is going and why she suddenly needs to look at stripping for money.

    I get the sense she might be in serious debt. It’s odd you say (I think I saw it in a comment anyway) that she has good income but doesn’t keep/save much of it. That you are comfortable but she worries about money. I think you need to be looking at why she is so worried about money. It’s one thing to get a side job but stripping seems a very severe option when it appears that it shouldn’t be necessary.

  4. There are some men who don't have a very healthy view of women. They see them as primarily sexual objects, and therefore see anything they do through a lens of sex. That's where you get guys that assume a sleepover has to involve lingerie and pillow fights and things. (There was actually a post here about a guy who was resigned to his wife doing things with other women, because they were going to have an all girls sleep over together somewhere, and he assumed that sexual things always happened at those events.)

    That's also where you get that a brother and sister in the same bed must also be sexual.

    I'm not sure what advice to offer to you unfortunately, just know that you did nothing wrong, and it's him that needs therapy for thinking you're sexually into your own brother that all it would take is being in the same bed with him to have sex with him. I'd suggest couples therapy. If he's resistant, you could even say you're open to being wrong (you're not wrong), but you'd like a third party help the two of you sort it out.

  5. Do you know how I know this is real? Because that brick wall of near unpunctuated text screams help for real.

    I'm sorry dear, he may not be cheating yet but he's definitely trying to cheat. Alcohol problems can lead to not only poor judgment but a complete lack of inhibitions and acting on your inside voice for now you have to assume that massage was 100% intended for someone, maybe your sister maybe not but it wasn't you.

    Pregnancy is super tough especially when you are getting close, have had medical difficulties and your little one is desperate for attention as well. I went through something similar with my wife (kids are nearly exactly 2 yrs apart) and it was awful but I tried to stay close, be helpful, and yes, for some reason, it did seem in those months women came out of the woodwork to help me and i ended up limiting my outside interactions with everyone so I could focus my energy where it counted when my wife was vulnerable.

    It seems your husband has chosen the flight instead of fight and you need to be very careful. Don't demand his phone right now but when he comes home you should check for deleted messages, do not be intimate with him until you feel 100% confident he hasn't been sleeping around, and take care of yourself and your kids first. I wish you so much peace and happiness and courage to fight to achieve that. ??

  6. And they’ve been clear that they heir culture doesn’t work that way.

    There is a repayment of violence for the initial offence then another that makes clear their conduct is unacceptable in perpetuity.

    I’m going to side with the person who was raised in the culture we’re discussing.

  7. I have been trying to make our relationship work for over a year,

    Why were you the one doing this when he's the one being an AH? Was he like this when you were dating? Well it doesn't matter really because you plan to leave him WHICH IS GREAT! Please do for your sanity and life happiness! You'll learn to manage your son. Advice on leaving him? Contact a lawyers(s) and see what your options are, start looking into family or friends that you can leave or move in temporarily.

  8. *no good woman

    Also, I never said I care about her. I care about him and that's the only reason and his happiness and that's the only reason why I'm walking away from this friendship.

  9. He’s obviously super on board with the philosophy considering his comments, he’s not some victim

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