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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Trust once lost is rarely regained. If you stay friends for a LONG time you might be able to build it back up but there’s nothing you can do short or medium term. She’s not gonna confide in you again any time soon.

  2. WHY is this even a question?

    You are isloated and cut off because that is what abusers do.

    Leave, leave now

    You are not responsible for him.

    He is not going to kill himself.

  3. Yes, I already told him how I felt about it but for some reason he just keeps saying that his reaction was normal. Do you think it is a normal reaction?

  4. That is the plan! The surprise is taking her to get one, sorry that that wasn’t clear, I’ll add an edit

  5. You have good points. When I have guests, I lock up my weapon so I don't wake up and forget I have guests (somehow) and end up shooting someone.

    If I lived with people, any weapons would be in storage. It's not worth the risk.

  6. I think a pros/cons list is a helpful approach to guide decision making on any topic. However, it’s not an empathetic way to communicate to a loved one. It speaks to some level of relationship immaturity with your bf not realizing that his girl would react negatively to seeing something like that. But it also is an indicator that he’s trying to think rationally and not make rash decisions.

    Overall it’s a blunder on his part and you have every right to feel put off by it, but it’s not an unforgivable sin.

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