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Marley, 27 y.o.

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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. I believe that too, she knew it and she didn' wanted to admit it for fear of confrontation.

    I'd lie if I say that I feel the closure at 100% (but well, it's very fresh), however I have to admit that I'm handling it better than I tought, because I suspected she doesn't have any real interest or feeling towards me and this proved me incredibly right.

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    How is vacation 'whatever your mother plans'??? Honestly, rather than worrying about the details of your sister, mother, and niece you should focus on getting yourself away from those people.

  3. You guys are dating for five months. Condoms should be a must so early in a relationship with or without the pill.

    This topic aside, why she needs to provide other options? She is not a mind reader and many guys (stupidly) are ok with the pull out method if means not using condoms. If you are unhappy with that or is getting to senses that pull out is risky, talk and suggest you other options. You can fuck her and date this woman but can't talk about birth control and your pleasure on bed? Great start for this relationship.

    Many women don't want to use invasive methods and IUD is quite a pain. So be prepared for this also being a no.

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