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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. something that I don't want to do at all and probably will never go that far because I am not interested in doing that as even if it doesn't include a man, it still feels pretty gay and I'm not into that gay shit.

    Anything you (Man) do with your girlfriend (Woman) is not gay and never will be. Also, never say never. Life is too short for absolutes. Keep an open mind.

  2. Im very confused why this past woman approached you with this at all if she refuses to confirm paternity and wants nothing out of you/wants to keep her family together. Like wtaf? I have to assume she cheated on her partner with you if there is a “dad” who signed a birth certificate.

    These kinds of details are important, so if your gf just found out you were an affair partner or something like that, its a lot.

    I could be totally wrong, but your gf isnt loving you “conditionally” she is processing a lot of emotions. She likely wanted to have a first child with YOU and that is now forever up in the air due to the circumstances. Youve been together 2 years, show her some grace.

  3. Something about the proprietary software of the company. A function that automatically assigns AM but needs to be changed to PM. Left a trucker waiting over the weekend for an appointment, which we had to pay him for.

    Essentially I struggle with things that have dozens of components that need to be checked every time, while high turnover of tasks is also expected. I either go fast or do it right (or ask for advice, which is safer but people get mad).

  4. You absolutely did the right thing. I have 3 teenagers and while they are very spacy at age 13, the only way they learn is by learning to do things themselves. I give each kid about 2-3 chances a school year for forgotten laptops, water bottles, instruments. After that, it's a no.

    Your neice will learn. You're doing great.

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  6. He was not sleeping. He was faking. You were assaulted against your consent. Sorry that happened to you. Friends don't sexually assault their friends. No matter how very hot he tries to gaslight you do not loose assurance regarding what actually happened. Don't let him confuse you about weather it happened, weather he was asleep, or if it was intentional.

  7. Five months or so. Also, refer to the previous comment in this thread. I explained the basic premise of the pregnancy.

  8. Tell her you care about her as a friend, but it sounds like she’s taking crazy pills. Ask her if she’s really ok.

    And go to Vegas. You booked it and saved and were looking forward to going. Celebrate yourself. Don’t pay for anyone else.

  9. Therapy for why you're uncomfortable being focused on. Lube. Possibly a glass of wine or something to help relax you just a slight amount might help.

    People frown on getting a slight buzz going to have sex and yes its probably not the healthiest thing to use drugs or alcohol every time, but the way I see it viagra and other such things aren't natural either. For some people a little help from a third party can go a long way.

    Most importantly is talk to your partner. Make sure he knows what's going on so he can also try things out that might help.

  10. Identify what it is you want her to do differently before you talk with her.

    Tell her how you’re feeling. “I feel —— because ——.”

    Focus on the feelings.

    Really listen to her response.

    I feel concerned because we aren’t spending as much time together these days.

    I feel anxious because it seems that you’re hanging out with other men more than usual.

    You can also ask her….Are you happy in our relationship right now?

  11. Yes, a bit of a gap there. Though I was absolutely the pursuer at the start. It's nice to hear I am not being completely absurd, though I do feel that way.

  12. You can “not accept” the breakup as much as you want, but it doesn’t mean you’re not broken up. It may suck, but just accept it and move on.

  13. You can “not accept” the breakup as much as you want, but it doesn’t mean you’re not broken up. It may suck, but just accept it and move on.

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