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  1. Well that’s a pretty specific circumstance, and I thought it would be obvious I’m not referring to situations like that. If you’re sick, injured, whatever, there are different rules.

    You obviously also can’t help it.

  2. Well it definitely is better than getting shot down and feeling your confidence tank. Before married life, I used to get shot down a ton because I came across as desperate. It was a success when I stopped looking ( but kept an eye out ) and let guys pursue me, it was a success. Plus what's wrong with letting someone decide if they want to date you or not? And it's not coming onto someone for paying them an innocent compliment that the other party ( the guy ) could interpret as interest; if he's interested then he will definitely let you know. I see nothing wrong with trying to strike up a friendly conversation and not just ask someone out right then and there. I finally understood what those guys felt when I asked them out; I understand that because I used to work in retail and got asked out a lot and after a while it gets creepy and desperate. (I'm a woman btw) But I'm not saying to just be laissez-faire when it comes to dating. It takes two.

  3. If he's incapable of getting off without it, it's gone beyond kink into fetish. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, of course. The real issue is with the porn reliance and him thinking of other people in the moment. Judging by the way you talk about it, I'm guessing it's real people he's thinking of. Am I correct in assuming the kink isn't something purely fantasy (like vore and whatnot) but more something based around a physical characteristic, like race or certain body parts or a disability or something? I could definitely see how uncomfortable it'd be to know he's always thinking of other real people instead of you because of physical factors you can't change.

  4. Sounds like a very unhealthy attachment style in a sense, therapy would help

    Date your friend and find out

  5. Is this a joke? You can't seriously be this uptight and prudish right? You're seriously bringing up farting and burping??? If so then maybe YOU need some therapy to find out what exactly it is about these normal things that triggers you, because in regards to that it's you who's abnormal.

    As far as the boogers that does sound disgusting but still … it's trivial.

    More than likely you're making excuses because you're just not into him, and you feel you need to justify it … but it's okay to stop liking someone without reason. People change. Sometimes we change in ways that causes people to drift apart.

    But I WILL say that to me love in part is being yourself in front of someone, for all the bad and good, and still being accepted. Still being loved.

  6. Your husband is unstable and I am concerned about both of your safety. Check for resources in your area, even though there has not been DV I think a DV support hotline could help you in this situation.

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