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  1. And what I find repugnant if the idea that such loyalty and faith can only be shared with one person

    Do you even know what the definition of loyalty is?

  2. He said he HATES you? How does you becoming ill warrant HATRED? That is insane! That is absolutely irrational behavior! How can you live “as friends with someone who HATES you?

    Also, is your diagnosis actually that grim? I'm so sorry regardless! I wish we could help you! And yes, a psychologist would be good for you. He has betrayed you.

    Also, honestly, I didn't see anything wrong with the frequent family visits other than that you were uncomfortable with them. I personally wish I had my parents still alive, and family close enough to have that, I only have my son. I guess each family, and each family's preferences, are different, as well as the level of welcome.

  3. Firstly, I would recommend you cut ties. Cutting ties means that you do not pay for the gym membership. That gym membership was when you thought you had hope for a relationship. A gym membership is not a vital service and she can do without. She will probably come at you for it, but that is her skill at manipulating people into giving her what she wants.

    Clearly the entire relationship was a web of lies and although she must have really done a number on you emotionally, if you look through your history, you don't have a relationship.

    This was an 8-month relationship during which she never really was even fully committed to you. Cutting ties does not mean you follow her “rules”. You do not have to give up going to the gym or going to the area of town you like to go to. You should live your life the way you want to. However, for the sake of sanity, I would recommend that you avoid running into her for at least a few weeks to a couple of months. The more you can go “cold turkey” (ie, no contact), the better you can be out of each other's systems.

  4. He's absolutely cheating and is sugar daddying. No doubt in my mind after reading your post. Sorry. Put a recorder under his car seat and a gps in his trunk.

  5. Why is sex so important in this society man. You can excite each other without doing the deed completely too. I'm not a man so I wouldn't know how it works for y'all but hope whatever happens is for the best for you guys..

  6. That’s so insightful thank you? I think the difference here is that clearly I’m attaching extra meaning onto sex. Such as “if he doesn’t want me right now, I must be 1000% undesirable” or other self-negating thoughts. Or requiring sex to feel like we are connected or bonded, when there are so many other ways to do that together. It really doesn’t seem normal or healthy to get this upset about it, and it must be triggering other problems I have, maybe with self-worth. It’s hot to make a narrative that you’re not “good” or “desirable” enough, or a relationship is doomed, if you can’t get the soda you wanted, but it’s easier to do that in such an interpersonal type of scenario.

  7. She’s always struggled with her mental health since we’ve known each other and I should probably mention that while we did meet at work we no longer work together and only became close after we stopped working together. I will admit I’m not perfect (I’ve never cheated) but I have done somethings that on paper look bad. For example, once I went out with my friend and my girlfriend was really unhappy about it (for the same reasons I mentioned above) but we worked through it and sorted it out. However the next morning my friend called me drunk at 5am. She was out with some work friends and called me thinking I was on the early shift at work meaning I would be awake, however it was my day off so I was asleep. I jumped up out of bed to answer the phone and left the bedroom as to not disturb my girlfriend. The reason I jumped up was that I was panicked to why my friend would call me at 5am, I knew she was out with friends but I thought she might be in some sort of trouble as it was quite out of character for her to do so. But she wasn’t and she only called for the reasons I just explained. However, all this woke up my girlfriend anyway and she came in to ask who was calling. Given we’d just had an argument about her and I didn’t want it to start all over again I lied and said it was my boss. A few days later I told her the truth and ever since then she hasn’t been able to trust me. I know it was wrong to lie but I’d just woken up and panicked in the moment. She claims this is why she doesn’t trust me anymore but this just feels like an excuse to me as we were arguing about her before this happened. Hence my stupid lie in the first place.

  8. Hey OP, you're incredibly pervy. What in the world possessed you to ask a girl if she could be your human fleshlight with no strings attached, then act all *shocked pikachu* when she finds you disgusting and creepy?

  9. She's stupid. That idea of her doesnt even work since the cells die immediately when exposed to air

  10. If you are both working full-time & you are doing the majority of the cooking, cleaning, housework, etc. then splitting expenses 50/50 is absolutely NOT fair. Either proportional based on income or he pays you for all the work you are doing around the house.

    ie: you pay 50% of the expenses plus do 90% of the work at home and he pays 50% of the expenses & 10% of the work at home? Oh hell no.

  11. Alone in a hotel room – I agree. In a public venue as a joke to get a shot? Perfectly fine IMO. I think it's kinda funny actually.

  12. ??

    He needs to get his own car or other method of transport. Six months is too soon to have shared assets of any kind and she needs her car for her work. She's not trying to stop him doing anything, she's just doing what she needs to. OP should recognise he's got an independent partner and appreciate that.

  13. Same here. I’m not sure what OP expects. I’m certIn almost anyone would react the same in this situation.

  14. He literally started crying in front of her. The only reason he “shut off his emotions” after that was because she looked at him disgusted. I wouldn’t exactly continue opening up after that either.

    OP just said his (now ex) girlfriend broke up with him via text message, so I think you’re backing the wrong horse here. OP definitely isn’t the one in the wrong…he began to open up and this is what he got in return. His ex is heartless.

  15. It’s over dude. After moving in together the next logical step is either getting married or buying a house together NOT moving into separate apartments! It sounds like she wants to breakup but isn’t sure how to do it so she’s doing it slowly. It’s best for both of you to go your separate ways.

  16. There’s no way that was a Clorox wipe. You would have been in significant pain if she rubbed that on you. It’s most likely that it was a feminine hygiene wipe. However, I still think that’s her problem and not yours if she’s carrying those around to dates.

  17. Wow. Thank you so much for this. It is exactly what I needed. Its like you read my mind ? and insecurities. It's naked to accept change, but that's life I guess… I will talk to him about it and try to spend time with her too. Really really thank you!

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