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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Tell him. You've only dated for a month, he'll either accept it and move on, or end things. Neither of you are the bad guy, and its not as if you've purposely hid this from him.

    Just be transparent and honest about it, and accept whatever outcome comes of this. Not everyone would be comfortable continuing a relationship after something like this comes out, just don't take it personally, because it honestly isn't. Having a sex life is normal, so don't feel bad about that.

    On the off chance he decides to stay, I'd put up some boundaries, and avoid being around the friend in one on one settings. He's essentially an ex, even if the relationship was purely about the sex.

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  3. He feels you having your own opinions is disrespectful towards him. That is an increadibly misoginistic viewpoint. That is the problem. Unless HE changes this way of thinking, this problem will not be solved.

  4. Your husband and best friend are delusional. THEY ruined their relationships with you by even asking. It's common sense. Now they're gaslighting you. Get out and dump them both. Your children will NOT have a stable home while you are in this relationship. Being together doesn't guarantee a healthy relationship, and you and your husband don't have one. And dump your “best friend”. She's not your friend, or she wouldn't have asked to sleep with your husband, let alone actually done it.

  5. First, please see a gynecologist to rule out any conditions. Sex should not hurt like that. It could be related to dryness due to stress/hormones/anxiety, which a water based lubricant can help, but please see a doctor just to be sure.

    Second, try pleasuring yourself to see what you like. Getting to know your body first can help with your confidence in the bedroom. When you are ready to tell him you want to have sex again, please make sure he gets tested for STDs and uses a condom with you. Being a doctor, this should be common knowledge, but just make sure that is done so you are protected.

  6. We started dating in December of 2021. We where talking for like 2-3 months before hand. I moved in April of 2022. Once I got off the boat she met me there so we can drive back together. On the car ride back home we had our touches and she was soaked… but when we got home it’s like she didn’t want to have sex after being apart for like 3 months before I moved in. Once I moved in our rent actually went double where I moved in and we are living with our landlords. Sorry I’m bad at making my words and stuff flow together!

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