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  1. “I disagree. A week and a half is a drop in the bucket in comparison to year round stability and sanity.”

    I'm in my mid 60's and still clearly remember the Christmas my crazy Uncle showed up for the week and was a scary asshole. I never wanted to go back to my Grandparent's house again. Neither did my siblings. It completely ruined the happy. So, you're wrong. One moment in time can totally change things forever.

  2. Jesus this is brutal to read. You're having a mid-life crisis and are going to blow up your marriage because you want to run back to a boy you knew as a teenager. Sorry your marriage isn't perfect, but I imagine you'd find flaw in this man as well, because he is also human.

    Leave because it's bad. Not because you think going back to “the one that got away” will be your fairy tale. I hope your husband never sees this.

  3. First things first, it's clear that you're extremely emotional. I'm sorry you have to to have this experience. Making life decisions when you're emotional is a really bad idea. What I would recommend is that you get a little space, process the emotions. Then speak to people that really know him and you. See what they say. If they're all saying no, that's probably what you should go with. My concern here is that he's lonely, having trouble dating, and so he's come back around to you. If that's the case and you get back together you'll probably have another good year or two, and then things will go right back to the way it was. OTOH, it may be a genuine change and love for him. IF, you decide you want to try again, get yourselves a couples councilor. Whatever happens, I wish you the best and thst everything turns out well.

  4. Being kind, I think that at the start you were just another guy and she wasn’t necessarily all that sure about you but after feeling guilty the second time she realised that it was you she wanted.

    So, in a way, it that moment that you have to thank. The realisation that she didn’t want another shitty hook-up but rather she wanted to pursue a committed relationship with you.

    It might seem odd but that was the moment you won.

    I think that you might see your way to allowing her some indecision in the early dates of your relationship.

  5. You guys are dating for five months. Condoms should be a must so early in a relationship with or without the pill.

    This topic aside, why she needs to provide other options? She is not a mind reader and many guys (stupidly) are ok with the pull out method if means not using condoms. If you are unhappy with that or is getting to senses that pull out is risky, talk and suggest you other options. You can fuck her and date this woman but can't talk about birth control and your pleasure on bed? Great start for this relationship.

    Many women don't want to use invasive methods and IUD is quite a pain. So be prepared for this also being a no.

  6. He sounds like a total jerk – he likes to make fun of other women and judge their appearance like everything on their bodies is about his dick's approval? Gross. I find that feature incredibly ugly on men. On him, too, no exceptions.

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