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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. but you fail to see that she didn't respect him enough to be honest about the situation.

    I didn't fail to see anything. I clearly stated that's a discussion for a further stage of the relationship.

    Respect for decisions is necessary in the first stages. Discussion on why life decisions were made are after respect for the outcome is already given. He never made it past the first stage.

    Not everyone chooses to get married, it doesn't make their long term relationships any less valid.

    Almost like I said that…. wow. Straight up highlighting you didn't read my comment. Well at least you're obvious about it.

    I'm disgusted with his attempts at reproductive coercion, but that doesn't really bear any relevance to the question of whether or not she was right to hide her infertility from him.

    It pretty clearly highlights why she has the right to not give out personal medical information too early. Obviously you don't owe information to people that don't have basic human respect for you. Time does not mean respect. The stage of the relationship isn't based on age, but the level of respect and agreement on life direction. He doesn't have either for her. So obviously he doesn't get further info if he can't make it past the first hurdle.

  2. She isn't cis and infertile. She's trans. Conflating the two means literally nothing. A lot of straight men and lesbian women don't want to and wouldn't consent to having intercourse or sexual contact with a transwoman. They know that. Hiding it is lying by omission as the assumption was clearly that she is cis whereas really she is passing. This was a manipulation. You can't just wipe out all wrongdoings by a human based on the fact that they are trans. It's not some catch-all for bad behaviour.

  3. you are correct in that she is choosing to keep the baby, but it’s because she doesn’t believe women should be able to choose. because she’s pro life and sticking to it, she’s denying her own autonomy in a way

  4. He found your sister, and she was willing to share the knowledge. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

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