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M, ía(age 22) Andres(age 25), 25 y.o.


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Online Live Sex Chat rooms M, ía(age 22) Andres(age 25)

M, ía(age 22) Andres(age 25) live sex chat

Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Yes, that's a fair point. I just don't know enough about all of the mental health issues that can come up in pregnancy and how truly uncontrollable they are, I guess. If my partner had an episode like this brought on by, say, a medication change or some external factor where it was clear that when that factor went away he was back to himself, I think I would feel differently about it than if he was just a jerk because he wasn't feeling well. So the only part of your comment that gave me pause was that you seem to be suggesting that she wanted an excuse to abuse him and was using pregnancy for that. I don't think that's necessarily the case.

    Mental health issues can diminish people's capacity to see things realistically, get help, etc. so I think the question of moral responsibility when going through that is more complicated than “we're responsible for ourselves” OR “nothing I do is my fault because I have mental health issues.” That doesn't mean your partner is obligated to stick around for the abuse no matter what the cause, though.

    Agree that if she wasn't doing this to others that's a sign that it was more in her control.

  2. Honestly, I wouldn't blame you. If your noticing a past pattern or realizing there have been red flags all along, the best thing might be to move on. It may hurt to do so, but it will save more heartache in the future.

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