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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. I've been through the same thing. Girl it's such a double standard you know your worth and he sounds misogynistic. There's no talking him out of this one find a man who will see your worth as a person and not as a sexual object

  2. Just because it hasn’t impacted her life etc yet, doesn’t mean she is not addicted.

    You say she does it to unwind 4 times or so a week – now swap it for alcohol and tell yourself that she’s not addicted.

    She needs weed to unwind, so it is already a crutch she is using. And I’d be willing to bet that her behaviour changes when she’s using or not, and if for whatever reason she has to go without for any prolonged period of time that she becomes irritable and anxious.

    I’d also like to tell you that you are wrong, it has affected her relationships, one of, if not her most important relationship, her one with you.

  3. If you two are living together, there’s no “cooling things down.” You’re either in or out. And he needs to be OUT.

    You feel like you’re in limbo because he’s making you feel that way. He’s making you feel off balance so he can manipulate you.

    Seven years ago, when you two started hooking up, you were good enough for him. But now suddenly you need to lose weight?

    No. No way. Leave him. He is punishing you – and even if you lost the weight he’d still find something else to be dissatisfied with.

    You’ll be so much happier without him holding you back. Good luck.

  4. I'm guessing she was maybe just pretty buzzed and didn't think of the kiss like you did.

    Yeah nah.

  5. I agree with this! It’s either be super stressed out about a person who can’t be controlled, or chill out and focus on the main purpose of the day, the wedding and marrying the person you love.

  6. Give yourself a break. Sometimes it’s tough to read those tea leaves. Sometimes things like this make you realize there’s a good one right there in front of you. After all, any GREAT relationship has a friendship as a foundation as well.

  7. I agree with this. They stalked him, gossiped about him then she tried to start an argument with him about it. Honestly I'd block her and her friends too

  8. Info: How many times have you seen each other in person? Your post says you live far from each other. What does that mean? If this is a distance relationship and you have only seen each other 4-5 times in person, then not having sex yet makes sense. If this is not the case and you meet up regularly, well then something is weird here and you need to talk like mature adults. You are both way too old to be afraid to talk about sex.

  9. Why did he leave it out in the counter?

    I think you’re both being ridiculous but even if you all had agreed on specific shelves, if there wasn’t room on yours you could have asked him if you could put it on his shelf. And I don’t think anyone should have to ask you if they can move your stuff if they need to rearrange and make space.

  10. If you don’t want to live with your brother it sounds like you’ll need to find a way to buy your mom out and move.

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