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  1. Agreed. We can’t help who we have feelings for so I’m sure this has been a very painful 4 years for the friend, yet she still wants to do the right thing for the friendship. Lots of people would have trouble keeping it secret and not at least attempting their chance with the person they love. What she’s done is pretty admirable at any age but especially for a teenager (I realize she’s 20 now but most of this has been during her teen years). Hopefully the friend will find someone of her own soon, so she can finally be happy and the friendship can resume as it was. OP is lucky to have such a loyal one?

  2. What’s his excuse for having her in your bedroom during your overnight shifts. Tell him to keep his slimy paws off of your car! Is he moving her in during your next shift. So enraging!

  3. He’s not required to answer and since they’re broken up also not required to maintain contact. Not everyone wants everyone else peeking into their personal life, so he rescinded access.

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