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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. You don’t have to be ashamed of taking it, but you don’t have to be ashamed of being ashamed either. Just give yourself a break, man.

  2. OP, it’s ok to have concerns, but you’re level of disdain seems like it might be coming from somewhere. Do you have addiction in your family or a trauma related to drug users? You also didn’t say what drug? Are we talking about weed? Are we talking about cocaine, Molly? Mushrooms? There are levels to this. It’s also worth mentioning that alcohol and caffeine are also drugs, they are just sanctioned by society. A lot of heroin users got their start with legal prescription drugs. I’m saying all this just to illustrate that it is not a black and white issue.

    You are entitled to your opinions, but it might be productive to have a discussion about it feelings and explore them with him in a non accusing way before you go straight to ultimatums.

  3. Lots of people 'like to drink'. Your ex girlfriend has taken it to a much more dangerous level. At the very least she has a serious problem with her use of alcohol. If she's getting into a car with random stranger and then assaulting you, then she's in dangerous territory and she will drag you down if you stay with her. Hopefully this incident will give her a much needed wake up call

  4. Are you serious? So she physically assaulted him while in the middle of cheating on him and it's something he should stick around through this bc she might be “dealing with trauma”?

  5. UPDATE Okay so a little bit of an update.

    The weirdness continued a little throughout the day. The kids say they met a friend there that they had met in the past but I couldn't quite get more information from them. They did not say they saw anyone talking to mom but I also did not really ask since she was right there the whole time. She and the kids left to go to the grocery store so I had a little time to post this.

    The weird thing is now she is all over me, in a very unusual way. Totally out of her character. Trying to be extra “sexy” to me, which is like I said not her character.

    I did see that they texted again three times today; her to him; him to her, and her to him again during the time they would have been meeting and leaving.

    I tried my best to act normal but I feel like she can sense I am off. At least I am off by her acting so weird.

    I really do want to say that I appreciate you all commenting here and providing advice. I have no one else to talk to about this. I feel so alone in this all. I just keep praying to God for the strength and wisdom to deal with this and if anyone here would be so kind to pray for me I would appreciate it.

  6. Do you really want to marry some prude, judgemental, 26 year old virgin who lacks empathy and uses religion as a tool to feel superior to others?

  7. I couldn't stand to be with someone with such poor oral hygiene. That's a hot line in the sand for me.

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