Lu-Style1 online sex chats for YOU!


VERY HOT FUCK MY PUSSY, ❤ [180 tokens remaining]

Date: October 3, 2022
Actors: Lu-Style1

10 thoughts on “Lu-Style1 online sex chats for YOU!

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  2. Boy this thread is coming at you hot! I read through all your comments and you seem to recognize that you were wrong and are planning to make steps to fix it. Anyways, I just wanted to give some props to owning up to your mistake and accepting blame. Hope it works out for you two, you do seem to love her a lot.

  3. Women do this because many men don't take the hint, and we don't know which ones will or won't, and it's safer for us to not take the chance.

    This one isn't about you and your feelings.

  4. Your mother is right, but what you can do is be boyfriend and girlfriend for the time being. You should avoid taking over all his care. Enjoy each other in the moment.

    You're a bit too young to make a permanent commitment anyway. Be cautious about your feelings for him making you sacrifice your own health and happiness.

  5. Is je sending to other women as well would be the other follow-up question? Because men sending dick pics to others at 2am is just way too plausible if they are in this habit.

    Sexting people nudes usually comes with an expectation of reciprocating or following thirst traps on social media.

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