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  2. I think therapy would do him a world of good but if he can’t open up to his own wife about what’s going on, I don’t see him wanting to attempt therapy. Either he’s burying what’s going on, or he truly sees no issues with his habits. It breaks my heart because I want to help him, and I want him to be around for a long time.

  3. It would have been an easy situation for most people. I hope you’re getting mental health support for the severe issues you seem to be experiencing, but it’s not fair to blame your boyfriend for any of this.

  4. Maybe tell mom you're planning on it and show her the ring and whatnot, but wait until the day you had originally planned to do it to actually propose? That way mil will pass knowing, but gf won't be overwhelmed and you'll still have it the way/day you want?

  5. You’re right. Today I ignored her demands and went to the gym in the morning. And she texted me complaining that we were in the same area, but I ignored every message and all 4 of her calls. She dropped that and started asking about the gym again which I also ignored.

  6. You're right in that sense. He has no business talking about marriage and kids if he doesn't love you, or can even say the words.

    The dude seems….questionable. I wish a had a more certain answer for you. The only thing I can suggest is maybe taking an afternoon, or even an hour, away from the “noise” of technology and civilization….like visit a park….and ponder on whether or not that this guy is who you really envision being with as the end goal.

    It's usually in those quiet places that clarity is found.

    Better to have a form answer now than struggle with doubts for years.

    Hope it works out for you in whatever you choose to do from here.

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