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Date: September 28, 2022

29 thoughts on “Lover Team live sex chats for YOU!

  1. Yes I won't hide this to my bf, ans no I don't know if “L” is single or in a relationship… I don't know what he meant, he said after I thanked him: “you'll pay me a lunch for that~” and I haven't answered since…

  2. Well from an overall perspective, I think it is good that you no longer have a leech in the house. It was already bad that you had to be his full time servant. Now he can take care of himself.

  3. Feeling weak is most oftenly due to other factors,unless you really starve yourself which I doubt you do hahaha… I understand you completely,being skinny doesn't necessarily mean looking like a model. I personally hate many things on my body but whenever I gain weight I gain it on such weird places. My bf adores my body so I kinda feel you on that regards, but theres always something Id like to change. Feel free to work on your body, but without excercise and regulated diet, results can end up in many unnecessary health problems. Good luck ♥️

  4. i've blocked him but i see him in person and that's when he's doing most of this, but frankly i can never sleep with him again. i barely can even look at him. he already made me feel like i'm ugly and repulsive due to the way he went about this, so I am actually quite shocked he thinks i'd go for it. I'm insulted actually if that's what he's attempting, because he must think i'd go for some guy who did this.

  5. the courts found police need a warrant to put a tracker on my car.

    So this is legit trespassing and violation of privacy

  6. Then you give him space, that's love. You wanting to comfort him is wanting to make everything okay with you when it's not. That's you wanting to absolve your guilt. That's not love, that's self interest. He needs space. He needs to be respected and heard by you. He needs to also communicate. Did you know they were racist? He should have told you that if not, but everything else here is on you and a savior complex you need to work out in therapy.

  7. I am planning on telling her, but I also want to make sure there's someone there for her.

    I have the conversation screenshoted alongside with the picture

  8. If this potential porn addiction and him jacking off at work aren’t the top issues to cover in therapy, it sounds like this relationship is in a really bad place. I hate to hear what your other problems are.

  9. Some people literally need to be hit over the head with divorce papers by a friend screaming “Look at these, you can't just pretend they don't exist”

    Why on earth would she want to just go along with something she knows is leaving her homeless and jobless. Add to that it appears she sees you as the primary issue in the marriage, so would mentally be thinking it should be her choosing to divorce and that she doesn't need to work on herself.

    Put them together and you get magical thinking and pretending it never happened.

    She's gone into ostrich mode dude.

  10. You have to take care of yourself too. She refuses to admit that she has a problem or work to improve her health.

  11. You picked this guy at 14. Now think about all the other things you did at that age that make you cringe now. This isn't a great guy and he's clearly done with you. You may not have friends but you probably have some blood relatives who could help counsel you through this breakup. Good luck

  12. Break up with him. I imagine that part of his problem is his ego can't handle being financially supported by you which speaks poorly of him. You can do better than this AH.

  13. He is interested in being with you because he wants to take your virginity, as your first he knows he'd get to dictate what sex is like and what your expectations of sex will be moving forward.

    Someone who doesn't listen to you or respect your opinions, is not someone you can trust during sex.

    When you try to set boundaries he's harassing you, I want you to imagine that during sex you need him to stop or slow down. Based on your previous experience do you think he will?

    He's only with you because he knows you're too insecure to stand up for yourself. Women your age are still learning to be confident in themselves.

    You'll realise how manipulative it is to date a 22 year old when you're 30, you guys seem so young at that age and you have no idea how much growth you're going to go through.

    It is easy to take advantage of someone in your early 20s if you're that way inclined. I want you to imagine dating an 18 year old. Can you see the difference in age and why it's an issue?

  14. 13 weeks at the start, then ill be home for 10-12 days and gone again for a few months if everything goes right.

  15. Trauma is one thing. It's real and effects people deeply. OP is the type of person to self diagnose every mental health problem under the sun from tiktok. She has “being called names” trauma don't you know.

  16. To nail this point home:

    80% of sexually active women will get infected with HPV.

    Get the damn shot.

  17. If this is a game changer for you, then you should walk. For a pot head (speaking from experience) you not liking weed is definitely not a good reason to quit.

  18. Your step kids are at a difficult age. They probably do love you but at that age the suck at saying so. In a decade or so they will come to realize the beauty in the life you gave them. If you leave now, you will be the villain in their lives.

  19. Of course. Like Ryan gosling being “sexist man alive” and me being “Bitch please” about that nonsense.

    But I was literally just talking about the numbers scale. Women act like 5 is a 0, and anything under 9.5 is average.

  20. That is a really twisted way to look at my comment, and it's pretty creepy you're following me around.

  21. Well, most notably, “she thinks I’m with her for her money” and then “we make the same as one another and I have more assets than she does”. Like fam, this is NOT a woman to start a life with. You have kids. You need someone stable and trustworthy, not a woman looking to bail any time you make a joke, a joke, that anyone smart enough to be a fucking doctor should realize is a joke. You literally have more money than her.

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