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Date: September 25, 2022

14 thoughts on “Lori Bauer live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. How long have you been in this relationship? His perspective is understandable if this is new, but if you've been together a year or more, it's time to have a deep discussion of finances. If he's not able to understand your situation, and is demanding you pay for vacations with his family, I'd be concerned that this is something that will continue in marriage.

  2. That sounds like it might be worthwhile to process and explore with the help of a therapist. Being scared and anxious all the time is not normal, and a possible sign of trauma. I am currently on medication for my own omnipresent anxiety, so I know a bit about how that feels myself, but best to explore that with a licenced professional, and not with some dude on reddit.

    And yes, I have a bit of experience with your bfs trouble with his own emotions myself, even with the avoidant behaviour you describe. Not quite to that extreme, but on the same gradient. And it is possible to get help for that, and to take small steps towards mending that. But younneed to want to take them, and your boyfriend isn't there yet, and doesn't sound like he'll be anytime soon.

  3. Yeah, OP. You did nothing wrong and he needs to get the hell over it or walk. I'd be even firmer and say “I care so much about you that it pains me to say this, but this has got to be the last conversation about that years old one night stand. I do not have feelings for him, even if we were not dating I would not be pursuing him, I choose to be faithful to you and I need you to trust that or this is never going to work out.”

  4. Ultimately, she chose based on what others were telling her over what she says she felt. Thats bs. She had feelings of some sort being validated by her coworkers and proceeded to act on them. Sad situation, but you're dodging a bullet.

  5. You’re kind of delusional, OP. It’s his friend’s fault he cheated, not the girl’s, so stop victim blaming. And patting her shoulder?! Oh my goodness! How dare he?! /s Your jealousy is out of control and you need to get it in check. She sounds like a good friend.

  6. Telling your partner that going to a strip club is a deal breaker isn’t parenting them. Jesus Christ what??? you’re being so overdramatic about her dealbreaker. He knew what it was, he didn’t have to agree. Just because you’ve been to clubs doesn’t mean other people have to go or be comfortable with their partner going. Everyone is different.

    There is no indication of being treated like a child solely based on her not wanting him to go to strip clubs.

  7. Having been on this subreddit for a while, I have eventually read different stories so maintaining virginity.

    And some of the men and women believe that maintaining virginity is about not doing PIV sex, so they're comfortable doing a lot of other things.

    I guess it works for them, so it's ok that way. The main thing is to be able to merge their early desires with their spiritual desires and be able to sleep at night without guilt

  8. It's really good relationship, he's an incredible person: amazing communicator, super caring and thoughtful. I should add, I have not shown any discomfort.

  9. Yeah but he fought tooth and nail when we first broke up to stay in my sons life.. still told everyone that’s my son and he wanted to be in his life and was even coparenting with me and picking him up and now all of a sudden he’s decided he doesn’t want anything to Do with him anymore but less then two weeks ago he still did…

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