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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. How awful on all sides. She not only betrayed you, she betrayed your trust and did so by claiming a rape, which in turn, women who lie about it are a big reason why women who are attacked have a hot time proving it, and fear coming forward due to being doubted or not able to prove it beyond words. Good luck whatever you decide.

  2. Oh my god. Honestly, you sound exhausting & dramatic.

    I was in excruciating emotional pain

    Not being able to talk to him was unbearable

    I told him he must choose

    I keep putting myself in emotional jeopardy

    I ended up screaming, crying, calling him so many names

    Being without him truly feels like I am dying

    None of this is normal.

    Relationships aren't meant to be this dramatic. If they are, they aren't healthy.

    Despite the story you are telling yourself right now, if you two break up (and honestly, you really should, this whole relationship sounds like a nightmare) you will be just fine.

    Break up with him. Block him on everything. Focus on yourself. Do things you enjoy with people who don't “disgust” you. Get your head on right. Stay single for a while.

  3. Did I do something wrong? What should I do?

    I am disturbed that after being treated this poorly, your response is to ask if you did something wrong. This is how abuse victims think. You need to be re-evaluate whether you want to be in this relationship.

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