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  1. After he said it shouldn't be that big of a deal you should've explained to him that gas lighting you, cheating on you for over a year before you even started your divorce and lying in therapy IS a big deal. It's obviously not to him because he was the one pulling all the shady shit. Pretty sure though if you point out that if the shoe had been on the other foot he'd be feeling the same way right now. Be glad you got rid of him hes a complete asshole.

  2. If your husband knocked up your friend, I doubt there would be anyone telling them to get rid of it. They would all be happy for him.

    And, as someone who is now 35 weeks pregnant after a long long fertility journey, let me say that you owe yourself this happiness.

  3. I'd leave. In a few weeks, he'll realize what he had and come back. If not, you're better off without him. He's taking you for granted.

  4. This is horrible to read and so confusing. It sounds like an uncle trying to pretend he is intelligent AND in a relationship. Does SHE know there is a relationship? Of that you even exist?

  5. Before you leave, try to delete the film from his computer, phone, cloud, etc. I don’t know anything about IT but maybe ask in an IT sub to get advice on seeing if he’s uploaded it anywhere. He may have also emailed it to himself. Delete it from however you originally sent it to him. Best of luck.

  6. I think that would've been pertinent to your post. I've met so many people that wait for the others to do something that they caused more issues.

    I do hope he responds and if he does, I hope you have a positive outcome.

  7. It is his right to ask her to work and help cover bills so that he can bond with his kids. It's not her right to tell him he needs to keep his current schedule when his kids don't even know who their dad is. If they start working opposite schedules then they would be in equal caregiver rolels anyway, so the primary caretaker argument would be moot.

  8. He is not an intelligent person if he doesn't understand that there are cultural and linguistic differences between the US and Britain. You deserve better than what he is giving. This will be the rest of your life if you stay with him. I have dated British men and wouldn't dream of “correcting” their pronunciation.

  9. Okay well, quite frankly that’s rape. I’m sorry this happened to you but even if you love him, this was rape. He knows it. You know it. Do you want to continue with someone like that? Talk to a close friend or family matter. Support is important in these situations

  10. It's called stonewalling and it's emotional abuse. I dated a guy who did manipulative shit like that; we'd argue, he'd give me the silent treatment, I'd reach out a couple times asking if we could talk, no response, then I'd hit my breaking point and tell him that if he's unable to have an adult discussion with me I was done trying. He'd turn the tables and tell me I was lashing out, being manipulative, crazy, etc.. the whole relationship was a dumpsterfire.

    My dad was similar. When I was a kid & he & my mom would fight, he'd be shitty and give her the silent treatment for a week sometimes. I love my dad, & he wasn't doing it to be manipulative, he's just from a family that never learned how to communicate their feelings or emotions. Regardless I dunno how my mom put up w it and I don't know why you would, OP. He/y'all need some intensive therapy & he needs to be willing to learn how to communicate or you need to end it. Anything is possible, but stonewallers are tough to turn over…

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